A Very Unusual Save

I was sidewalk counseling alone outside the Hagerstown abortuary until Angela showed up.  I say alone, but there were three women there (deathscorts) to make sure I did not give any literature to or talk to any of the women coming in for an abortion.  After about an hour, Angela arrives with her two children.  I feel like the Marines have landed.  Angela wipes out the opposition with fervent prayer for all to hear and witness. She is on her knees, praying loudly and waving her hands like no one else. Her children hold up ‘Stop Abortion’ signs while she prays. 

We had only five women enter the abortuary, and one came out before the abortionist arrived. The time indicated there would be no more women coming into the abortuary, and all we could do now is try and talk to the women as they came out.

Angela had to leave, but before she did she gave me a chair to sit on as I had been on my feet for three hours. After she left, I took it across the street to sit in the shade and wait for post-abortive women to come out. There was an open parking spot, so I had full view of the abortuary.  Unknown to me, at about 1:30, one of the women inside the abortuary asked her partner if I were still outside. Her partner looked out one of the abortuary windows and could easily see me across the street, though she probably couldn't have seen me if I were up near the building. 

They both came out, walked across the street, sat down on the curb next to me and said they needed a good person to talk to while they waited for the abortionist to show up. He was late, and they had 45 minutes to wait. I thought, “Great! I have 45 minutes to talk her out of it.”

The woman (I will use the name Louanne) was crying but adamant about having an abortion. Her partner was the only one who took literature on the way in today and she still had it in her hand.  I asked Louanne if she had read the literature.  She said she had looked at the pictures. I told her about the negative effects of an abortion on the woman (she had already seen the pictures of an aborted baby). She was really solving one problem today (she believed) but getting multiple new ones in the future.  Louanne listened to everything but insisted it was not as bad as having another child. 

She already had two children (ages two and three) and had horrible morning sickness, had just started a new job, etc. She just could not have another baby. She was single. She showed me pictures of her two children.  I told her she really had three children. She told me she was 11 weeks pregnant, and I told her I just happened to have an 11-week old baby in my pocket.  I gave her the fetal model, and it hit her pretty hard but she had previously seen a sonogram of her baby (not at the clinic) and was still adamant about having the abortion.  I gave her a card describing the baby’s maturity at 11 weeks. She read all of the information and said, “Well, he won't get any bigger after today.”  She held the fetal model in her left hand as she stoked its tiny features with the index finger of her right hand.  She then gave the baby to her friend to look at. She was still adamant and still crying.

I asked her if she would kill any of her other children instead of the baby. She said a friend asked her the same thing.  She was still adamant about the abortion and still crying.  Her friend went to the car to get more tissue.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find out more about her. She talked about coming down from Pennsylvania to Hagerstown as the Pennsylvania abortuary was too far away from where she lived. She talked about seeing a “Life is Precious” sign on a church bus on the way down here and it really broke her up. She told me about her father trying to talk her out of the abortion. She was still adamant and still crying.

I told her the story of the couple caught in a flood, and a guy came by with a canoe and they refuse to leave saying, “God will save them.”  The story goes on about men coming by with a big boat and finally a helicopter and they have the same response.  When they finally drowned and went to Heaven, they asked St. Peter why God didn't save them, and he responded, "Well we tried to save you three times."  I told Louanne that God has tried to save her more than three times. The Pennsylvania abortuary was too far away, they get stuck behind the church bus, the abortionist is 45 minutes late, the fact Angela gave me a chair, I never sit on the opposite of the street and I wasn't supposed to be there today, anyway. I told her, “God's angels were busy and he sent me.” She was still adamant and still crying.

I took a picture of Sophia, my two-year-old, “adopted granddaughter,” out of my pocket and showed her. I told her the baby was adopted, and her natural mother had been in an abortion clinic three times before she finally got the message. She let someone adopt rather than have her killed in an abortion. I kept pushing the fact God is giving her a message. She was still adamant and still crying.

Finally, I took a crucifix out of my pocket and showed her what Christ did for her, and why can't she put up with some morning sickness for him? I think I was getting to her, and she asked her friend to call her father. They talked on the speaker phone, so I was able to hear what he said. Her dad told her to trust in God as well as many other things. She finally handed the phone to me and wanted me to talk to him.  Her father told me he has been trying to talk her out of having an abortion for the last two months.  I told him about the abortionist, what he was like, how many women had died because of him. We have all the facts – it is on the Internet. I told him how the uterus is easily punctured when the abortionist is scraping out the baby parts etc. 

He thanked me for what I was doing and talked more to Louanne. She finally told me and her father she is going to keep the baby. She is going to get her money back.

Her friend gave me a little hug and a big smile and said, “She really is going to keep the baby.” Thank God!  I ran over my 45 minutes and was running out of ammunition.

I told Louanne I wanted to see that little baby next June, to give me a call and we will meet right here at the clinic.  I gave her a big hug and made her promise. She said she would bring all three of the children. She has my name and phone number and her dad has my email address.

God is good!

Jim Fritz, 9/22/07

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