A Smile I will Never Forget

Charlie Heise and I had just set up our signs at the abortuary, said prayers at the front door and taken positions about 50 feet away on each side of the entrance when an SUV pulled in near the place where Charlie was standing.  A middle-aged couple got out bringing a young girl after with them.  “Oh-oh,” I thought, “Another couple dragging their teenager in for an abortion.”  The girl looked very young – about 14.  She had long, blonde hair and was weeping profusely.  Also exiting the SUV was a young boy about 17, possibly the girl’s boyfriend.   As they approached the clinic Charlie offered the father a flyer about the “deadly duo,” relating that both on-site abortionists had allowed women to bleed to death during abortion. The flyer was refused, but Charlie delivered its message to them verbally.  As the group was about to enter the door of the abortuary, I approached offering the same flyer to the mother with the same results; in words laced with profanity and a warning to stay away from her daughter. However, while the mother berated me, the girl grabbed the flyer from my hand and took it into the mill.            

I was really upset seeing what was happening to this child and even thought of calling the police.  I had done that on another occasion; unfortunately, by the time police interviewed the girl she had calmed down and supported her mother.  I continued with my prayers while trying to hand literature and give verbal advice to others going into the abortuary.  About 45 minutes later (before the abortionist arrived) the mother and her daughter came out and walked toward their SUV where the father and the boy who had come out earlier were waiting. The girl turned, looked back at me and gave me the biggest smile I think I have ever seen and for sure will never forget.  I walked quickly up to them and tried talking to the mother again.  She responded with profanity, accusing me of judging the girl when in truth, the parents were judging their daughter and administering the punishment. I offered the girl our usual pamphlet describing the problems associated with abortion, stages of fetal development and a list of pro-life resources where women can receive help.  The girl took it and held on to it even though the mother tried to take it out of her hand.           

After the family left, the receptionist came out of the abortuary and approached us in a friendly manner, extended her hand, gave us her name, asked ours and said we should not tell people that the women killed by the abortionist died there.  I told her we were careful not to say that and showed her our flyers as proof.  She then accused us of blocking or touching women and said she had recorded this on their camera situated near the front door. She stood about two inches from my face. I said, “Show it to us as it is not true.” I think they were pretty upset with the little girl holding our flyer, crying for 45 minutes in the reception area and then leaving.           

About 15 minutes later two teenage girls came to the clinic. Jeanne Nolan, the Saturday sidewalk counselor, had dropped by to give me her computer to be repaired. Charlie intercepted the girls and sent them to Jeanne (good timing!). Jeanne counseled them well and offered to take them to Birthright.  As she said, it was an easy sell. Jeanne had to go to work after taking the girls to Birthright so she asked us to pick up the girls after we left the abortuary.  Both girls were indeed pregnant and were receiving counseling from the Birthright women when we arrived.  We waited until the counseling was finished and while one of them picked out maternity clothes. We took them downtown and left them near their homes.  They said they needed to walk around for a little while.            

I told the girls we would be praying for them and gave them each a rosary telling them (non-Catholics) how it would help them and why they need to pray for themselves.             

Charlie, Jeanne and I were very happy with three saves plus that beautiful smile I had received and will never forget - from a very happy young girl.

 Jim Fritz

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