Catholics For a Free Choice

The following information about this organization, (CFFC) is all true, and easily verified by various publications as well as by accessing their web-site. This organization has launched the most malicious attack by the feminist movement against the Catholic Church. For more than 30 years CFFC has been working feverishly to destroy the Church and all of Her doctrines. CFFC’s two main objectives are to promote abortion and to implement and spread discord and dissent among the faithful; its strategy is to “divide and conquer”. They promote contraception, sterilization, lesbianism, homosexuality, a radical feminism, and the “New Age” movement throughout the world.

This is all very serious business! They are an extremely well funded group of liberal, humanistic, and anti-Catholic radical feminists. They are regularly consulted by the media as the voice of “legitimate Catholic dissent”. The public, including some supposedly knowledgeable Catholics has been led to believe that CFFC represents all Catholics in the United States. Do our readers remember how the CFFC was used by the previous political administration to legitimize policy decisions?

CFFC was organized by three members of the feminist National Organization for Women, (NOW), in 1970. Their first office was located in a Planned Parenthood building and its first president was Joseph O’Rourke, who had been expelled from the Society of Jesus. (Jesuits) in 1974. He acknowledged that CFFC’s primary function was to provide a supposedly official Catholic voice at pro-abortion press conferences. He stated that: “CFFC has been kept alive for years because the pro-choice, anti-life movement wanted a ‘Catholic’ voice.” They use this Catholic voice, or label, to manipulate the Church from the inside, and misrepresent it to the outside world.

Frances Kissling, president of CFFC since 1980, left the Catholic Church in her youth and has been an ardent dissenter over the ensuing years. She claims to have returned to the Church to function as a “social change agent”. She also claims that: “God put me on earth to give the Pope a hard time...I’ve spent years looking for a government to overthrow without going to jail, and I’ve found it in the Church.”

What does the Church have to say about CFFC? The US National Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on November 4, 1993 denying that CFFC is a Catholic organization. The statement read, in part, “Many people may be led to believe that it is an authenticate Catholic organization. It is not! It has no affiliation, formal, or otherwise, with the Catholic Church.”

The bishops also pointed out that the CFFC is associated with the pro-abortion lobby in Washington, D.C., and shares an address and funding with the National Abortion Federation; the trade association of the abortion industry. The NCCB further cited CFFC’s support for the “violent destruction of innocent human beings...for all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason.” The bishops insisted that CFFC: has rejected unity with the Church and holds positions that deliberately contradict essential teachings of the Catholic Faith.” The NCCB concluded, and stated emphatically: “.... that Catholics For a Free Choice merits no recognition or support as a Catholic organization”.

As previously noted, CFFC’s primary strategy is to create confusion, discord, and dissent among Catholics regarding what the the Church teaches on abortion. This act of murder, the taking of an innocent life, is sanctioned during all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, or for no reason at all. It opposes the providing of factual information to women and girls considering abortion, and it fully endorses the brutal, sadistic, and inhuman partial birth abortion procedure. I must ask, at this point, where are our priests who should speak from the pulpit on this issue? Why are some of our bishops remiss in their moral and canonical obligation to teach true Catholic Dogma?

This organization, CFFC, has fought against the Vatican at the United Nations, and has stridently attempted to have the voice of the Holy See prevented from participation in, or expelled from, this international organization.

Other examples of their mind-set are that CFFC has written ‘liturgies’ celebrating women who choose abortion. (They have no liturgy for women who choose life). CFFC members have even praised the bloody Old Testament pagan god Ba’al, and have written poems exalting Lucifer! In fact, to show their disrespect for the Church that they claim to represent, CFFC’s first public act was to crown one of its founders, a Benedictine nun named Joan Chittister, as “Pope Joan I” on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

There is much more to write about this subversive and divisive organization. Future articles will continue on the various groups attempting to destroy our Church and our Faith. Meanwhile, we would suggest you visit the web-sites listed below. They are full of true Catholic information.

John Burke



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