Catholics for a Free Choice - Part Two

We promised in our previous issue that we would continue to provide you with information concerning various organizations that are both covertly and overtly attempting to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and the faith of millions around the world. Also, they are very well financed by American and foreign corporations as well as the United Nations by their promotion of abortion, infanticide, homosexuality, and genetic engineering particularly in third world countries. It is deplorable that so many of our cardinals, bishops, priests and other religious do not have the moral backbone to denounce such programs from the pulpit and, in many cases, even help promote them. A case in point is the homosexual abuse engaged in by some of the clergy. However, that is another subject.

Two corrections must be provided applicable to our previous article regarding Catholics For A Free Choice (CFFC). First CFFC became a chartered organization in 1973, the same year as the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. This action by some supposedly astute and learned judges resulted in a huge negative impact on the morals of our nation. Satan and his cohorts must have danced in the streets as the judges toasted one another. Secondly, the three National Organization of Women (NOW) militant feminists who chartered the CFFC were from New York: Joan Harriman, Patricia Fogerty McQuillan and Mela Mulcahy. It was McQuillan who in 1974 crowned herself as Pope on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. (Please note that it was not Joan Chittister who performed the action.) However many ‘Call to Action CTA) adherents refer to Chittister as Pope Joan l which she finds perfectly acceptable (CTA has been previously covered in The Defender and will be reprinted in another issue.)

CFFC started out as a mostly volunteer organization with its main thrust centered on dissent from Roman Catholic teachings. They fully embraced a cafeteria-style form of Catholicism. Their method was to pick-and-choose what they liked about the faith and to change that which they did not like to suit their own whim. They were convinced that the bishops did not represent Catholics on reproductive issues, particularly on the subject of abortion. They also believed that women should be fully integrated into the church of priest...this would result in the rules of sexuality and reproduction being different. The Church teaches that homosexuality and lesbianism are a grievous sin and a grave moral disorder. CFFC, in promoting their program, relied on personal interpretation of Vatican ll documents. They freely, and loosely, applied the ‘Declaration of Religious Freedom’ and it’s endorsement o of the separation of church and state, pluralism, and the primacy of the conscience. CFFC interpretation of Church history, scriptures and theology implied that Church teaching on fetal life and abortion were not defensible and the Church held outmoded attitudes toward sexuality, It is easy to predict the road that this organization would eventually travel.

CFFC presents itself as being a legitimate voice of Catholic dissent supported by a large portion of the Catholic population. However, Kissling herself has stated on the “Jeanine Graf Show’ on WRKD Radio in Boston, that CFFC is not membership organization. This being so, how can it be an ‘authentic’ voice of any Catholic dissent? Nevertheless, CFFC’s annual budget in now $1.5 million. In 1993, this tax -exempt organization reported total revenue of $1.530.636. One must wonder about their source of income. The answer lies in ‘dirty’ money from large corporations.

Although CFFC claims to represent millions of American Catholics, the organization has no membership dues. How can one determine how many actually support the group? One measure of its membership is how many subscribe to its principal publication. In this case, it would be the small sum of $10 for an annual subscription in CFFC’s quarterly magazine Conscience. An examination of the organization’s federal income tax returns from 1989 to 1993 indicates that the total number of subscribers is no more than a couple of hundred, at best. During this period, with subscription revenue never more than $3,775 yearly, CFFC has apparently never had more than 378 supporters willing to part with the $10 for a yearly subscription. In fact, in 1993, its subscription level dropped to just 155 subscribers. Once again, where does their money come from? It is ‘dirty’ money from the UN, large corporations and the likes of Planned Parenthood which exist, in large part, by the use of our tax dollars. We must become informed and we must become alive in our Faith!

Why do foundations and other organizations pay, or otherwise fund CFFC? It is because CFFC has been set up as ‘the voice of American Catholicism’ in support of abortion and the various eugenic programs of population control. True Catholic teaching is all that stands tall and strong against the onslaught of hedonism, paganism, homosexuality and other morally reprehensible perversions of the modern era. It is most deplorable and despicable that our Church has been so infiltrated by socialists and homosexuals since the 1930s.

The media in the United States goes into a feeding frenzy any time that they are able to expose the Catholic Church or its members to ridicule, sensationalism, or criticism. Much of their coverage actively fosters anti-Catholic bigotry and some of America’s greatest foundations fund it. Also, many of those in positions of authority in the various media are personally anti-Catholic, militant feminists, transsexuals, homosexuals or lesbians. These individuals are very committed to achieving their goal of destroying Catholic Faith. They will fabricate any lie or half-truth to do it!

We Catholics quietly put up with these assaults against nor faith and clergy. Where is our outcry of denouncement of CFFC? Except for the Catholic League, a few writers, and a recent weak statement from the USCCB, there has hardly been a word heard from the millions of Catholics in our great nation. The CFFC fraud has been going on for twenty-five years and is now better funded than ever. Our next issue will provide you with more information on the funding of the nefarious organization.

Stand firm! Defend and live your faith!

John Burke


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