Choices We Make

“America’s Bishop”, Fulton J. Sheen, stated some years ago that “Much of modern education and training is merely a rationalization of evil that make clever devils out of stupid devils. The world is not in a muddle because of stupidity of the will, but because of perversity of the will.” I ask you to think about this statement made by a bishop with a ‘backbone’, a bishop’s bishop. I was just a young teen at the time but it seemed that everyone I knew listened to his broadcasts. He did not waste words but we all knew what he meant and what he stood for.

Case in point: consider the educators who are ruining our schools and our young people. Consider the politicians who are ‘in business for themselves’ and do not serve for the good of all even though they have taken oaths (to God with hands on a Bible) to do so. Most of us know who these people are; yet we re-elect them. Consider the judges, i.e., Ninth Appellate Court, who placed their hand on the Bible and swore before God and man that they would uphold and defend the Constitutional Law of our Nation and then do their utmost to subvert our Constitution by their judicial activism. These judges are supposed to interpret the law; not create or establish it. There is much more! There is moral decay, relativism, heresy, and a perverse lifestyle that is running rampant in America today. Some say that this is because God, our Creator, has abandoned us. This is NOT true!. It is we who have abandoned Him through the deliberate mis-use of our free will.

The word ‘choice’ is very much in use today and is used to justify abortion, euthanasia, perverse and decadent homosexuality and lesbianism, pornography, clerical criminal and immoral acts, and all manners of human abuse. The perverted part of our culture has stolen the word ‘choice’ and made it its own. Let we who know better start using the proper words to make a statement. Abortion and euthanasia are not just choices; they are wanton MURDER. Homosexuals and lesbians are NOT a third and fourth gender with bisexuals as a fifth. They live a perverted, mentally deranged, and decadent lifestyle, freely chosen, which is now being forced on a God-loving people by political correctness and self indulgence. Pornography and illicit drugs are probably the two largest sources of ‘filthy money’ in our world. The participation in, or use of, either is a ‘choice’ made at terrible cost! Each leads to a numbing of the senses and destruction of the mind and free will. This in turn can lead to the loss of one’s soul. When will we wake up? When will we demand an accountability of, and moral backbone in, our judges, our politicians, and our bishops? When will we demand a return to a ‘culture of life’?

Please remember that God gave the first ‘choice’ to His Angels. Lucifer and his minions chose to NOT serve, honor, love, and adore God and thereby earned Hell. The Archangel Michael and his followers did the opposite; they chose to love, to honor, to obey, and to adore God and thereby merited Heaven. Our God has given this same choice to man. What will we choose; will it be perversion, death and damnation or will it be sanctity and everlasting life with God? He has given us many HOLY priests and the Sacraments to aid us in our ‘choice’. It is a shame that we have been betrayed by some of our bishops, priests, and religious. I do not know if we can ‘forgive and forget’ their crimes. It is very difficult for man to forget completely and forgiveness is in God’s hands. However, in charity, we must pray for those ‘shepherds’ of our faith who have gone so far astray.

Does all this make you feel anxious? Do NOT worry! Choose God’s way! Life is truly beautiful and is not hopeless. Our God has given us His Love which we are suppose to share with one another. This is not a ‘street or back-alley’ love. It is a pure and holy love which has its life-force in the family; a family which has its roots in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. This is to provide us with the graces we need to live our lives in accord with His plan. Married love is a true love and a true love lasts forever. I write these words because we of The Defender want to let you know how proud we are of all of you who are working so hard to share your Faith. We are especially proud and pleased with the efforts of those who have chosen the married life, and the efforts of their children, to be loving and devoted families. You have chosen well and will surely be a blessing to each other. The road you travel will have obstacles strewn ahead of you by others, but your faith in God and each other will overcome all of them. May God Bless you!

Stand tall! Defend your Faith! Also, remember to vote your Faith and not your wallet.

John Burke


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