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Many Roman Catholics, even though they profess to be people of God, continue to follow the dictates of evil and its followers. How can I make such a statement? It is easy! We have just conducted national elections in the United States, which exposed some disturbing facts. According to exit polls conducted by the various media survey groups, Catholics continue to vote as a very fragmented block. It is obvious that the majority of Catholics continue to support a 'culture of death' rather than the teachings of Christ and His Church. Catholics used to know what it meant to be a Catholic and the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral; not so today!

Much of the blame for this must fall on the shoulders of some of our bishops and priests. Catholic positions on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, fetal research, assisted suicide, same-sex relations, school vouchers, pornography, and family life are either not taught or are being ignored. Who else can we blame for our nation's decent into depravity? However, don't worry, there is plenty of blame to pass around. Let us remember that there are more than 60 million Catholics in America; are they Catholic in name only such as Catholics For a Free Choice? We have a large number of bishops and priests in America, despite claims to the contrary; who appear to be Catholics in name only. One fact is clear; many of these clergy lack an ecclesiastical backbone.

Today we even have certain clergy who go out of their way to discourage true Catholic teaching and tradition. They go so far as to eliminate the use of certain prayers such as the Saint Michael Prayer as well as the Fatima Prayer which is said after the 'Glory be' of each decade of the Holy Rosary. I know a priest who has stated that, "such prayers are illicit" - what utter nonsense. Could it be because both of these prayers are petitions in requesting assistance against the devil and his followers? We have heard this particular priest state from the pulpit that "It is almost impossible to commit a mortal sin." This is more nonsense and lends credence to his need for more training. We also have laity who are of the same mold as such clergy. Often these individuals will lie outright by exclaiming that a particular action has been mandated by the bishop. We have a number of bishops who are totally unaware of what is taking place in their dioceses. Worse yet, we have those who are aware of the scandals and heresies within their dioceses and hasten to cover them up or move those involved from church to church or even diocese to diocese. This is not uncommon! I feel sorry for those Catholics who are forced to accept such actions by their priest or bishop.

It is my sincere opinion that when you are so unfortunate as to be members of such a church or diocese, after seeking and being denied redress, you should cease tithing to such a church. When we have a bishop who refuses to respond to your letters or grant your request(s) for an audience; you should know what to expect next. While you are obligated to contribute to the support of the Church, It is absurd to pay (tithe) for the deliberate destruction of your Church and possible even your Faith. Instead, contribute your tithe directly to the Pope or to one of the wonderful new seminaries that are just beginning to bear such a fine harvest. Also, for the sake of our immortal souls, and especially those of our young children, we should 'shake the dust from the soles of our sandals" and attend a Roman Catholic Church where truth is taught and tradition upheld; preferably in the same diocese, if possible.

Today, and for the past 30 years or so, our Church has become a haven for some undesirable clergy. One only has to read the pronouncements from Rome, and articles appearing in diocesan and secular newspapers and other publications, to become aware of the schism and heresy that is taking place. We have priests and bishops who attempt to form the Church in their own image. Just look at the large sums of money which have been awarded by the courts to those who have been traumatized by the homosexual and lesbian perverts in our 'Houses of God'. I believe that it was St. Gregory who stated that the floors of Hell are paved with the skulls of bishops. Church Militant of today is being betrayed by some of its shepherds just as Jesus had his Judas Iscariot. However, remember that God has always raised some great saints in times such as these who have led the faithful in their struggle while correcting the hierarchy of the Church. This time of betrayal will last but a short time and then the Church will become more glorious than ever. Believe it, for it will be!

We have many of our faithful Catholics who are tired of what is being fostered upon them by dissident or improperly trained clergy, 'chancellorettes', and misguided parish councils. We are being beset by liberal and personal whim, lack of reverence during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (even forbidden to use the term) and the desecration and destruction of many of our churches. This must surely be what Pope Paul Vl referred to when he stated during the Second Vatican Council that "the smoke of Satan has entered into the Church."

We have our children who are not being taught their prayers in proper preparation to receive the Sacraments; i.e., Penance, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. In some parishes, it is 'strongly suggested' by the clergy and liturgy experts that the children do NOT genuflect when receiving the Body of Christ in the Eucharist. The priest even 'strongly suggests' they do NOT genuflect at any time -- even against the express wishes of their parents. In fact this is so 'strongly suggested that it becomes virtually forbidden to do so. This is all done under the guise of safety and insurance coverage. Even parents, who know better, are told not to genuflect. Some ordained individuals have been very successful in deterring the faithful Catholics from offering such reverence to the Blessed Sacrament. No one but strangers or visitors genuflect in these churches. Those that do are fixed with an angry stare full of hate! These cannot be the eyes of Christ who is love!

John Burke

Due to the serious nature of material in this article, we will provide source information to those requesting it.

Jim Fritz


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