Four Lives Saved by a “Save”

On Sunday evening, October 8, 2006, I received a call from Helen (not her real name).  She was an abortion-minded woman, considered suicide, has three children (11, 7 and 2) whom she loves very much.  She is divorced from a physically abusive husband who pays child support. The father of her two-year-old is verbally abusive and has stopped seeing him.  She lost her job as a manager at a Target store because she was on the tired side for a while because of being pregnant. She doesn’t have a car.

It appears the Holy Spirit was working here.  Marlena Childs is the key to this save. (Marlena, you will remember is a turnaround from abortion six years ago and now has a five-year-old daughter.) Helen lives in the apartment complex where Marlena used to live when we first met her.  Marlena has a friend, Melonie, living there whom she visits once in a while.  Something told her to go there Sunday, she doesn’t know why.  It wasn’t that she was dying to see Melonie. When she arrived Melonie said something like, “The Lord must have sent you.” and proceeded to tell her about Helen who lives several doors away.  Marlena spoke to Helen and did an excellent job although afterwards, Helen still wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.  Abortion was still a possibility although not as likely after talking with Marlena.  Marlena told her to call me and told her about the help we can provide.   Hence, the call from Helen! 

I spoke with her for a short while Sunday night and must have said the right things, because she definitely decided to keep the baby. She told me among the points I brought up against abortion, the key was in telling her she really did not have the option of having an abortion. 

I visited her for a couple of hours on Monday and gave her leads to a pregnancy center as well as Project Rachel and Gabriel Project.  I also gave her a pair of baby booties.  She is having some difficulty dealing with the possible abortion of a baby that doctors told her was already dead, so I told her Project Rachel would be able to help her. She needs medical help as well as food and clothes for herself and the children.

Dick Retta

Footnote:  This is the fourth child Marlena has been instrumental in rescuing from death. Helen gave birth to a 5 lb., 3.8 oz. baby girl she named Samayah on March 9, 2007.  Congratulations to Helen and Praise be to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

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