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Jesus meek and humble of heart make our hearts like unto Thine...

Humility is a virtue that is often looked upon as weakness in a country where we are brought up to be the best and to be proud of our success; success being defined by how many material things we have accumulated. I pray the litany of humility daily hoping that one day I will attain this great virtue, always trying to keep in mind that every gift that I have has been given to me by God. Those people in the world who are and were revered as great often attained and exuded the virtue of humility. They were and are those who saw their great accomplishments as simply a duty to their brothers and sisters.

When Blessed Mother Teresa picked up her first poor person on the streets of India she experienced true humility. She found this man being eaten away by leprosy, lying in the streets left to die alone without dignity as a child of God. She stopped, knelt down and picked him up and cradled him in her arms seeing Christ Crucified in him and recognizing her duty to help him die with dignity. She put her hand out and began to beg people passing by for money to help him and as people passed them by and ignored her, a man stopped. He looked at her and disgusted for what she was doing and spit in her face, she wiped the spit from her face, looked at the man and said "thank you sir that was for me now I need money to help the poor." The man stunned by her response gave her money and is now the biggest benefactor to the Missionaries of Charity today.

There is a great urgency in our world today to lead souls to heaven. We as young Catholics have an obligation to spread the Gospel and bring the lost back to Christ, especially those poor in spirit. We live in an area which is considered to be middle to upper class and in my experience I find these areas to be true missionary territory. Those who are well off materially often are less receptive to seeing a need for God in their lives. Can you imagine if we truly took to heart the message of our late great Pope John Paul II, where he asked us to “Be Not Afraid” to be lights in the darkness, to be filled with courage that only Christ can give us? To strive for holiness not as some unattainable goal but as whom God created us to be-saints! When New York City was attacked on 9/11 we saw brave men and women rush into burning buildings where people were trapped and sadly perished in the collapse of the buildings. These people will always be heroes to all Americans. Those very few firefighters that survived and received medals of honor and praise simply said "we were just doing our job". They were compelled to save the lives of others and their acts, though heroic, in their eyes was simply their duty. I pray that we view our brothers and sisters with great urgency to help lead them to Heaven; and, that we will not be paralyzed with fear, but preach the truth with humility. Pope John Paul II has deemed us to be missionaries in a world that needs conversion starting with ourselves! St. Catherine of Siena said "if you are what God has called you to be you will set the world on fire"!

"Humility is the mother of all virtues; purity, charity and obedience. It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent. If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are. If you are blamed you will not be discouraged. If they call you a saint you will not put yourself on a pedestal." -Blessed Teresa of Calcutta-

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