How to Stop Abortions and Close the Abortuaries

Between January 2001 and the present, many women and their preborn babies were saved from abortion at abortion facilities in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. During that period, over 300 women indicated to pro-life sidewalk counselors that they had changed their minds about undergoing abortion. This was the result of efforts by the counselors strengthened through their own prayers and by the encouragement of others praying the rosary.

One of the most recent “saves” was a set of twins when the mother-to-be had a change of heart after speaking at length with a counselor. On March 9, eight women who had entered a local abortion facility later came out, indicating to a counselor they had changed their minds about having abortions. Eight babies were saved from abortion at one facility on one day! Praise be to Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

The most recent joy resulting from a save was the birth of a baby boy named Daniel on March 25, Good Friday. Before that, a baby boy, David, was born on of all days January 22, 2005, the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Someone was there praying the rosary in all instances when abortion-minded expectant mothers had a change of heart and chose life for their babies. Sometimes there were over 30 pro-lifers praying the rosary.

We can always count on Our Lady being present to help as counselors become instruments of the Holy Spirit. Also counselors can count on the presence of angels and saints including their guardian angels and patron saints. After all, the entrance to any abortion facility is a battleground between good and evil.

Whenever a counselor speaks one-on-one with an abortion-minded woman, trying to turn her away from aborting the precious, God-created life in her womb, it is a battle between good and evil. The doors of an abortion facility are the jaws of hell. Inside is the devil’s workshop amidst the horror taking place at the hands of abortionists and their assistants.

The saves that take place in front of abortion mills occur in various ways. Often it’s the result of a counselor being able to spend enough time talking to the abortion-minded woman, explaining the danger to her life or health, post abortion mental anguish, religious considerations including her salvation being put in jeopardy, the possibility of later being unable to have a baby. Counselors may offer assistance to those who decide to keep their babies and information about adoption services.

These concerns are also discussed in a hand-out flyer. Some women change their minds after lengthy direct counseling. Others might just take the flyer and read it in the waiting room of the abortion facility and then change their minds.

Others sometimes change their minds because they see people outside the abortion facility praying – people who care what happens to them. Another comes out saying she changed her mind but can’t say why: "I just couldn’t go through with it." I believe that many of these women who can’t explain why they changed their minds were inspired through Our Lady as a gift to those praying the rosary and counseling outside the mill. This is the scene, many times, in all kinds of cold or rainy weather, often having to deal with pro-abortion "escorts" who try to block counselors from offering assistance and information to the women going in for abortion. Our Lady knows the tools of the "adversary" who tries to discourage us in any way he can. The battle between good and evil continues unabated.

Because of the obvious importance of prayer in saving the lives of innocent babies, the Capitol Area Pro-life Coalition (CAPC) has been formed with the goal of attracting more pro-lifers from area churches to join in praying the rosary. In this way we hope not only to save the lives of babies but also close the killing factories. Three such places locally have been closed in the past three years. Readers in the Capitol Area are encouraged to accompany Our Lady in praying the rosary at one of the area abortion facilities.

Richard A. Retta

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