VOL. 11, NO. 1

Jan/May 2008

Dear Readers:

Always, during the process of selecting articles to publish in The Defender, a theme seems to emerge. This issue must have been unknowingly influenced by the visit to the United States of our Pope Benedict XVI who repeatedly exhorts us to abandon our acceptance of modern day ‘relativism’.  This is often referred to as the “freedom to ignore the truth in order to pursue what is false or wrong.”

We see this in the Catholic Teaching article, A Challenging Truth, describing the manner in which many Catholics ignore the evils of birth control in pursuit of their own pleasure.  The predictions of Pope Paul VI forty years ago proved amazingly correct.  The rates of abortion, premarital sex, out of wedlock birth and cohabitation have skyrocketed.  Even many of the Catholic clergy have accepted the use of birth control and remain silent on the subject.

Gail Hoffman’s article asking people to pray in front of abortion mills has the same theme.  All but a few pass her by, ignoring the truth and remaining silent in the face of a holocaust.  She compares this to the Germans who not only ignored the plight of the Jews crying for help from the railcars passing their church, but sang louder to drown out their cries. In our own churches, we lift our voices in praise of God and ignore the silent screams of millions of babies executed before they could be born.

Quid Quid Recepitor offers specific examples of people who do not want to hear the truth. Many are fixed upon what they wish to believe and will not hear or see the truth no matter how obvious. They are taught to regard the truth as discrimination and to reject it.  The same people often choose to believe outright untruths. Examples given include Elmer Gantry, Svengali, the real Ted Bundy, Rasputin and Jim Jones. Relativism has crept into many of our churches because faith is equated to feeling good.

The title of our article, This Sorry Gaggle of Bishops, is a direct quote from Bishop Bruskewitz in reference to the USCCB. In the past, these bishops refused to speak out against abortion and rarely do so today.  In the same manner, they now refuse to speak out against the homosexual agenda.  In the center of this editorial is a most courageous and informative article by Reverend Joseph Klee informing the reader how the silence of bishops and priests caused abortion to become legal.  He predicts the same will happen with implementation of laws striking down the bans on marriage of homosexuals.  As Rev. Klee points out, when the bishops get around to closing the barn doors, it is an exercise in too little, too late.

 With sadness we report the death of one of our members, Bob Poch.  Bob passed away a few months ago after a long illness.  He was an old friend with a very deep faith, supportive of The Defenders of the Faith as well as our local pro-life group.  He will be missed by those who knew him well. Bob was a stalwart supporter of the Traditional Latin Mass and would have loved to attend A Glorious Event, the Mass held at St. Patrick’s in Weston, WV, as described in our article.

Our Modern Day Saint is really the story of Our Lady of America. Many Catholics are unaware of these apparitions and the messages associated with them. I hope you will find this article informative.

Jim Fritz          .
cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield

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