VOL. 12, NO. 1
Jan - Jun 2009

Dear Readers:

      Sadly, in this issue we again highlight examples of our clergy bringing scandal to the Church. The invitation to speak at commencement from Father John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, to the most committed abortion-rights president in the history of the United States, followed by presentation of an honorary law degree and the subsequent arrest of peaceful witness for Christ goes beyond scandal. Father Jenkins received admonition from over 80 bishops and petitions signed by more than 300,000 Catholics asking him to rescind his invitation. Dr. Alan Keyes, Randall Terry, Father Norman Weslin, Father Paul Petko, a Baptist minister and 100 others were arrested. After his arrest, Dr. Keyes stated, "He (Father Jenkins) has encouraged a bunker mentality within the University of Notre Dame community, by treating other members of the Body of Christ, even those in communion with the Holy See, as if we are 'outsiders'. This mentality contradicts the "emphasis on Community in Catholicism" cited in the University's mission statement but utterly ignored in the actions ordered by Father Jenkins and his colleagues. They react with forceful abuses of their authority because they cannot properly defend their action in terms of the laws of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church."

      The Man to See at Ground Zero, by Missy Smith, president of WAKEUP, gives her impression of Randall Terry's effort at NDU. He, more than anyone else, was responsible for bringing all of the media attention to the NDU scandal. Terry has been criticized by some in the past for his actions; however, he deserves full credit for his tremendous effort and success at Notre Dame.

      We also gave our Millstone Award of the Century to Father Jenkins. Pray to God we will never see another priest like this during this century.

      Our Hero Award went to Father Norman Weslin. Father Weslin deserves a hero award for all of his previous pro-life work including over 60 arrests before his latest and much-publicized arrest at NDU.

      In reparation for the scandal to our Blessed Mother caused by Father Jenkins and his associates, we have included a special Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mother. This is an article written several years ago by our founder, Frederick G. Paschall.

      We include an article, Where Did We Go Wrong?, by our writer in New York City, Juan Rodriquez, who tries to give us some balance. He calls for unity among Church members. I have seen unity when evil forces are against us as happened at NDU. We had the best of the pro-lifers as you will see when reading Missy Smith's article. Yet we see lack of unity caused by dissension within pro-life groups and among members who disagree with one another's procedures and openly criticize them. This does not help the cause.

      Finally, our Modern Day Saints article, Charlie's Angels, is a little different this time as these saints have not been canonized as yet. They are three sidewalk counselors who are doing a great job and love what they are doing. They are like St. Francis and his brothers who take a walk through the town and evangelize as they go. They are quite an inspiration to all of us who work with them. You will enjoy reading about their adventures.

Jim Fritz          .
cc: Most Reverend Bishop Mich
ael J. Bransfield


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