VOL. 9, NO. 2

Jun/Sep 2006

Dear Readers:
            In the past issue of The Defender we published an article by Tom Phillips, who wrote Science Debunks Evolution, a commentary that puts evolution and intelligent design in a better perspective.  We had several letters, one from a reader who stated her son receives evolution training at the local Catholic school.  Other letters claim more of the secular scientists are now debunking evolution.  You would think our clerics would wise up.  We have enclosed one of the pertinent letters.
            Our Catholic teaching in this issue concerns Natural Family Planning (NFP).  This is a natural follow-through from last issue’s teaching on artificial contraceptives. Even though almost nothing is heard from our clerics about NFP, the Internet has numerous articles.  I hope we provided enough interest to encourage you to do more reading. If you would like more information on artificial contraception, the September issue of Los Pequenos Pepper has devoted its entire issue to this topic.  Several of our good bishops had articles in this paper. It is an interesting and informative publication. Check them out at www.lospequenos.org.
            So many interesting articles this issue, but the most important is Politics and Religion by Father Richard Perozich.  He lays it on the line, describing how politicians make decisions based on money received from influence-peddlers, on public opinion, on pressure from various groups and on their desire to stay in office.  Interest groups work tirelessly with politicians to make you do what you do not want to do as Christians.  Being naïve about this is deadly. Don’t just vote for your party.  Parties have changed.  For the sake of the safety, welfare, and future of your family and our country, vote Catholic.
            Susan Beckworth has written another fine article for us titled A Christian Reflection on the “New Age".  She takes a closer look at the Vatican document:
Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life.  Unfortunately, not enough priests read the documents from the Vatican. New Age is rampant in our parishes. This article will give you some ammunition to fight it.
            Other interesting articles include the saga of Father Briggs and his efforts to continue educating America through the use of billboards; an interesting day in the life of a volunteer on the Face the Truth Tour; and a copy of our president’s talk at our latest meeting of the Defenders of the Faith, Inc., where she demonstrates how much fun we have doing the work of the Lord.
            Of course we always include a story of a modern day saint as inspiration to all of us. St. Leopold Mandic, who became a priest in 1890, was an example of how a small and physically weak person can become a giant in his strength of faith, his compassion and his devotion to God.
Jim Fritz

cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield

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