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As part of God's majestic plan
One bright and glorious morn,
A being came into its own,
A little soul was born

And just as life burst into bloom,
An Angel hovered there.
"My little one", the angel said,
"God's put you in my care..

From your moment of conception
'til your earthly life is through,
I'm here to light and guard and guide
In all you say and do.

You'll know the beauty of the earth,
Its fragrance and its touch.
You'll meet the people Jesus saved
Because He loved so much.

Perhaps you'll study hard to reach
A high and lofty goal,
Or work the land or use your hands
In another worthy role.

Whatever path you choose to take,
Whatever you may be,
When life gets tough or choices hard,
Be sure to call on me."

But Dad was racked with fear and doubt,
And Mother was confused.
A doctor took an oath to save,
A promise he abused.

Savagely, my life was torn.
In anguished pain I cried.
I heard the rustling of wings,
My angel at my side.

When I could bear the pain no more,
My angel softly said,
"The plans have changed, my little one,
You'll come with me instead."

And as last I lay secure,
Enveloped in his wings,
I felt a surge of total love
But also thought of things

My angel said that I might do
And people I might see,
But due to choices not my own,
Will never come to be

I'll never feel my mother's touch
Or hold my father's hand.
I'll never sail the deep blue seas,
Or tread the verdant land.

Never will I face a skill
That I can learn to hone,
Or teach a child, or fall in love
and have children of my own.

I'll never know a needy man
And have the chance to give,
Or ever try to make the world
A better place to live.

But God is good and heaven's grand,
And I'll forever sing
The praises of our risen Lord,
The glory of our King.

And as I bask in peace and joy,
My angel came again.
"My little one", he gently spoke,
"Before you settle in,

You need to pray for Mom and Dad,
Indeed for all of those
Who've snuffed away so many lives
But never took their souls."

Then a million tiny voices prayed,
And all their angels too,
"Father, please forgive them all,
They know not what they do."

                     By Rita Gray

Rita Gray is a member of St. Vincent dePaul Catholic Church in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.




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