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Dear Editor,

Fred was such a great example. I met him on-line and he gave my family the gift of his prayer. I am so very grateful. My husband was very worried that he would lose his job about five years ago. Fred said he would pray for us, and we have not had the threat of job loss since Fred’s prayers began. I did always want to share that with him but never had the opportunity. He was a true prayer warrior as well as a defender of the faith, which in my own opinion shows he held a great balance of love in his heart.
God Bless,

Dear Reader,

I am sure there are a hundred or more stories just like this. Fred always was asking people if he could pray for them. He would see someone at Mass that looked particularly depressed or worried and he would come up to them after Mass and ask them if he could pray for them. And he would. He had a long list of people he prayed for.
We (The Defenders) have set up a memorial for Fred. He always put a fresh flower under the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at our church. One of the parishioners would do it for him if he could not. He said it was for his daughter who died at an early age. We are continuing that tradition for him.
Jim Fritz



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