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To: The Defenders,
I live in the Diocese of Metuchen. I am a wife and mother. I know many unholy events about homosexual practicing priests within my Diocese. I was told of these events and unholy horrors by priests (pastors and asst. pastors), religious and lay persons. They themselves struggle with their homosexuality and then some priests go to where they go for sex.
I need help. I have written and contacted many HIGH officials in our Church, NO ONE wants to help.
I agree with Fr. Fiore, that the times the Church is living in with all the sex scandals, stems directly from the perverted priests and their agenda. Dr. Von Hildebrand wrote a forward to a book Goodbye! Good Men. She states that the "uncontestable answer" to the lack of vocation is the homosexual priests and bishops. I have spoken with Fr. John Harvey, of the national organization ‘Courage’. I met with him in his office in NYC. He and others like him are courageous servants of God.
We the faithful are the pure and true tools. How do we make others understand that their lack of support and non-attention to these days of horror will keep the evil here?
I take great joy from these last few weeks. I see God's hand in this. I know that a new age of our Mother Church is coming because I see holy priests, religious and servants of God forgetful of themselves......They are true shepherds of this world.

I think your letter speaks for itself. We all need to take more action.

To: The Defenders,
The Blessed Mother wanted a place for God the Father. The Lord Himself protected and, in His mysterious and blessed way, guided us through the right steps to make it possible. We pray together, particularly the Holy Rosary, and study the little booklet with the Holy Message recognized by the Catholic Church. The Father speaks to His children. It is so good to learn to love Our Father with all our heart, a Father who loves us so much. Our group, Casa Pater (God is Father) meets in my home across from the Mormon Temple.
Just as the artist delights in contemplating the picture he has painted, God said it is My pleasure and delight to come among men, the masterpiece of My creation.
Giovanna (301) 585-1466 -
casapater@usa.net Kensington, Maryland




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