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Dear Editor,
With reference to your Jan/Mar issue of The Defender, I am convinced that Terri Schavo was killed by the incompetence of Judge Greer.
Terri’s husband had walked out on her. He was a bigamist. He should not have been allowed to have it both ways. It was a clear case of conflict of interest. Terri should have been transferred to the care of her parents.
So Terri died of starvation and dehydration. Big mouth, infallible Bill O’Reilly said she suffered no pain. She did, and could not complain!
As a missionary in Japan, I was taken prisoner (during WW ll). My parishioners were jailed without respect for age, in an effort to make them accuse me of spying. Not one did!
I went on a hunger strike to protest the abusive treatment (of my parishioners). On the fourth day without food or a drop of water, my kidneys rebelled. A salt formed on my ears. I grew feverish and I had heart pain, but the worst pain was in my left arm, wrist and hand. The police were worried, and the next day they sent a man who I thought was a doctor. He gave me a lethal injection.
My heartbeat began to slow down. Just then, Brother Clement Hansan of Maryknoll entered the room. He waved at the man and shouted in Japanese, “His face is turning black.” Thinking Brother was about to attack him, he pulled out the syringe just before my heart was about to stop beating. He said almost inaudibly in Japanese, “This is the first time that ever happened to me.” Evidently, someone had meddled with the medication. That someone wanted to kill me. I was sick for years with a bad heart until I went to Lourdes.
Terri was a martyr. The family can pray to her.
With best wishes to you and all,
Father Everett F. Briggs (72 years a priest)

Dear Father Briggs,
Your letter says it all. My only comment to our readers is to read the article in this edition about Father Everett F. Briggs.
Jim Fritz



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