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RE: The Truth about Dialogue

 In the article The Truth about Dialogue by Gabriel Garnica, he states there are five kinds of clerics now in the Catholic Church in this country.  He forgot a very important type!  These are the priest who the communist party put into the Church.  My statement is based upon the public testimony of Bella Dodd, who served as legal counsel to the Communist Party in the United States until her conversion to Catholicism.
An article in Christian Order magazine (November 2000) recounts how Dodd and her associate, Douglas Hyde, revealed the plan for communist subversion of the Church.  Douglas Hyde revealed long ago that in the 1930s the Communist leadership issued a worldwide directive about infiltrating the Catholic Church. While in the early 1950s, Mrs. Bella Dodd was also providing detailed explanations of the Communist subversion of the Church. Speaking as a former high ranking official of the American Communist Party, Mrs. Dodd said: "In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within." "Right now they are in the highest places in the Church" — where they were working to bring about change in order to weaken the Church's effectiveness against Communism. She also said that these changes would be so drastic that "you will not recognize the Catholic Church."

RP, Berkeley Springs, WV  

Dear RP,
Checking this out on the internet, we did not find this information in any bios of Bella Dodd.  We did find statements by a monk who claimed he attended a lecture at Fordham University where Bella Dodd talked of the step-by-step battle plan of Communist subversion of the Catholic Church. According to the monk she explained that of all the world's religions, the Catholic Church was the only one feared by the Communists, for it was its only effective opponent.
There have been other stories about the communist infiltrating the Catholic Church as priests.  One such story concerned a priest that was in a vehicle accident in Paris during World War II and revealed much of the same story to a nun who was his nurse.
These are interesting stories and even if credible one should realize all of these priests are now dead; although they could have had a profound influence on Vatican II.  As the author, Gabriel Garnica, pointed out in describing his fifth type of cleric, these included those with a socialistic agenda, the so called  ‘progressives’ who comprise nearly 75 percent of the clergy and consistently support and vote for the party of death; therefore, at this point I feel the author covered all categories.

Jim Fritz


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