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Response to our Website 'www.TheDefender.org' continues to be exciting. A recent e-mail is from Mary Ann Kreitzer, President of Les Femmes:

"Hi, Jim and Fred,
We finally got our Website up;
www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org. Just preliminary, but we're off. We were having difficulties and it was a novena to Our Lady the sprung things loose. We're linked to your site and would appreciate being linked to you also.
God bless you dear allies in the fight..."
In Christ,
Mary Ann Kreitzer"

Our Response:
I have reviewed their Website and feel it is even more interesting, informative and dynamic than their quarterly newsletter, The Truth. Their current site includes information on the Wheeling - Charleston Diocese and our own parish. Take a look at it.
'Les Femmes,' which means 'the women' in French, is a group of Catholic "housewives with chutzpah" living in the Arlington, Virginia Diocese. They not only publish a great newsletter, but they are all very active on the street in defense of their faith.
Several members regularly picket abortion clinics. Some have also been arrested for protesting the selection of pro-choice speakers at various Catholic Churches. They have also protested sex education classes that have gone over the line and Church school plays that go against Church teachings. At least one time, Les Femmes held a candlelight vigil outside the Papal Nunciature asking the bishops to hold true to papal teachings.
Perhaps one of their most controversial protests was in 1994 on the west steps of the U.S. Capitol. At the center of the protest was a lace trimmed coffin, topped with a black shroud reading "RIH NOW," for Rot in Hell, NOW, aimed at the National Organization of Women. The coffin contained NOW relics such as a skirt for lapsed Catholic Phil Donahue, a Jane Fonda video, a snorkel for Senator Kennedy and numerous other items poking fun at "radical feminism." As one of them said, "We use our humor to mask the great sorrow we feel over what's happened to our Holy Mother Church in the last 30 years."
Les Femmes, and especially Mary Ann Kreitzer, have been helpful to us in our effort to be part of the growing family of orthodox Catholic newsletters and Internet sites speaking the truth. We will always support them and they will definitely be linked to our Website. (If you don't have a computer, their address is: The Truth, PO Box 1211, Vienna VA 22183-1211. Cost of Newsletter is $15/year.)
Congratulations, Les Femmes, for getting your site on-line. It's great and we love it. You have a great logo, too!

Jim Fritz & Fred Paschall




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