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Dear Editor,

Response to our Website 'www.TheDefender.org' continues to be exciting. I would like to share one of our first e-mails from a friend of my son who developed the Website. The poem she refers to is Rita Gray's poem in our January issue.
Her subject: It's not a Valentine's poem.

"I went to your Dad's site (nice site!) and read that poem. Wow! It was so sad... I guess I didn't tell you that I am becoming Catholic. I'll be accepted into the Catholic Church and receive my First Communion on April 22nd. I've been studying since last September. My husband was already Catholic, and the kids are becoming Catholic too. They'll join me on April 22nd for their First Communion. We've already gone through the reconciliation process. We started going to a Catholic Church last January, and really liked it. We were pretty disillusioned with the Lutheran Church, and my husband will try (to be) a Catholic again. I liked it a lot. So... we're becoming Catholic."

Editor's Note:
Congratulations to all of you! You will cherish your decision the rest of your life.
Jim Fritz

The following are quotes from some of our other e-mail:

From New Zealand
"I stumbled across your site quite accidentally. I have just read everything here, however, and I found it very interesting and informative. Would it be possible to have a copy of The Defender sent to me in New Zealand? There's very little here comparable to it."

From Virginia
"God bless you in His work. Persevere."

From California
"I am looking for ways to reinforce the rich heritage of the Catholic faith in my 5 yr. old son."

From Kuwait
"Your article on Church teachings "Vatican II' cleared many doubts regarding Tridentine Mass/Novus Ordo Mass, created in me and many other Roman Catholics."




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