Letters to Editor

Response to our Website 'www.TheDefender.org' has been extremely good. During the first month we received e-mail from 12 different states and from two foreign countries. Every single comment has been positive. Several respondents ask for more information. Some people have even copied items like Rita Gray's poem and forwarded it to others. Another popular article has been Fred Paschall's explanation of Vatican II.
Most encouraging is the write up by 'www.petersnet.net', a popular Website that grades Catholic sites according to criteria such as fidelity to Church teaching, frequency of upgrades, amount of resources and appearance. The following is a summary of their evaluation (Of course you can check it out yourself if you are on the Internet):
"The Defender is the online newsletter of a group of faithful Roman Catholics fighting for the faith in the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia. At present the site consists primarily of the current issue of their newsletter with articles on Vatican ll and an analysis of the recent Ninth Synod for the diocese which has resulted in a list of recommendations that indicate the synod was hijacked by Call to Action supporters. The articles published by The Defender are well researched and doctrinally sound - both catechetical and apologetic in nature. This site will be helpful to those in other dioceses who are looking for a "how to do it' model fighting heresy and dissent and calling their local Church back to the fullness of their faith. The Defender is very charitable in their approach. The site will increase in usefulness as they add to it.
Fidelity: A, Resources: B, Purpose: A, Maintenance: A, Organization: A, Appearance: B"



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