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The following is a recent response to our Website 'www.TheDefender.org' that is applicable to this issue:

"The last issue, [(August) on the Right -to-Life article] even though it said it may make you squeamish to read, I still read it and it just holds in my brain a picture of the most horrible crime anyone could ever do. The partial birth abortion devastates me to no end. All abortions affect me in a terrible way, but that just kills me even greater. I remember when Noelle was born and only weighing 6 lbs., 5 oz. and she was tiny and the thought of anything destroying such a helpless love is indescribable. I can't even find words to express the mourning of all the babies. For now I feel the only thing I can do is pray the rosary and each bead may go to an aborted soul and I'll never catch up to the millions that have suffered. Souls that were never given a chance. I just read this woman's article in the Saturday Washington Post about the RU-486. That scares me even greater too. The many unknown abortions in the home and these are married people who just don't want another baby. This is truly soul crushing but you're right, we can't give up the fight. I can only hope that we get someone in office who, if he has to elect three Supreme Court Judges in his term, picks the best ones to fight against this. I'm praying on it.
[from Maryland]

Our Response:
Federal regulations forbid us to comment about whom to vote for; however, your letter contains some excellent and different thoughts that I wanted to share with our readers. Your viewpoint as a mother is one that I, obviously not a mother, have not thought about. But, it is so true. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Your thought that each bead of the Rosary may go to an aborted soul is quite interesting. Maybe some of our readers will have some comments. There is no doubt that the Rosary is a powerful weapon to fight abortion. Just handing a Rosary to a mother going into an abortuary has turned around many women. In addition, the countless number of Rosaries prayed at clinics has saved many lives and even resulted in clinics closing down.

Thanks for your e-mail Kathy and keep up those prayers.

Jim Fritz




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