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Little Popes, Little Popes, Little Popes

Gather 'round everyone, the parade of little-popes has begun. Every so many years, when a Pope becomes advanced in age the little-popes come out of the woodwork. One such crawled into a church bulletin recently.
This little-pope presumed to name little-cardinals. It was a delightful fancy. However, this little-pope reminded me of some false teeth makers at the turn of the twentieth century. Some would try to persuade unsuspecting customers that if they just had one of the prominent teeth in their plate gold crowned it would make the other teeth look natural or genuine.
So, our little-pope in his list of proposed little-cardinals listed a prominent outstanding Catholic (who shall remain nameless-as he did not deserve to be listed among their ilk.) He was to be the gold crowned tooth who would give standing and credibility to the others.
No doubt you will be seeing more little-popes as time goes on. There were a lot of them in the summer of 1978. Remember, they're just the fantasies of little-popes- jumping up and down in their ecclesiastical playpens, screaming for attention.

Dear M.Q.
Thank you for your educational and amusing letter. We have a timely editorial in this issue, entitled Proposed Cardinals, concerning this same unauthorized and offending publication.



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