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Martyers, Year 2001

This issue we will be a little different in our presentation. We are not going to single out a specific saint, rather we wish to give some honor to those missionaries that have given their lives for Christ during the past year. These, as well as other missionaries sacrifice so much to not only defend the faith, but to convert souls to the Church. The following are a list of those missionaries that were martyred during the year 2001:



Sr. Dionltia Mary Salem diocese, India
Fr. Pietro De Franceschi Mocuba, Mozambique
Fr. Tom Manjaly Manipur, India
Fr. Nazzareno Lanciotti Jauru, Brazil
Fr. Jan Franzkevic Iartzevo, Siberia
Sr. Barbara Ann Ford Guatemala City
Fr. Ramon Gamache S. Isidro, Ica, Peru
Fr. Raphael Pallakara Iamphal. India
Fr. Andreas Kindo Iamphal. India
Seminarian Joseph Shinu Iamphal. India
Fr. Henryk Dejneka Cameroon, Ngauoundere
Sr. Claire Rumougi, Burandi
Fr. Leonardo Alzate Antioquia, Columbia
Fr. Martin Royackers Annotto Bay, Jamaica
Fr. Fabian Thom Port Moresby, Papua NG
Fr. Galeano Bultrago Medellin, Columbia
Fr. Emil Jouret Kikwit, D. Congo
Fr. Rufus Halley Malabang, Philippines
Fr. Hecto Fabio Velez Cartago, Columbia
Fr. John Baptist Crasta Jhakhand, India
Mr. Guiliano Berizzi Kigali, Rwanda
Fr. Ettore Cunial Durazzo, Albania
Fr. Earnesto Martearena Salta, Argentina
Fr. Gopal Purhkel, India
Fr. D. Digiovarnbattista Ouagadougou, B. Faso
Sr. Lita Castillo La Serena, Chili
Fr. Simeon Coly Ziguinchor, Senegal
Fr. Hubert Hofmans Lae, Papua N.G.
Fr. Peter Obore Nimule, Uganda
Miss Sarita Toppo Ambigapur, India
Fr. Michele D’Annucci Pretoria, S. Africa
Fr. Michael Mac Sandeval, N. Mex., USA
Sr. Philomena Lyons Monaghan, Ireland

Please remember the missionaries who gave their lives in answer to God’s call by praying for them, their families, the missionaries who are missing and those who continue to serve each day. For those who want to help, call Fr. Vincent Rigdon, 301-853-4527.

Jim Fritz



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