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During 2002, the Catholic Church in the United States has been subjected to much criticism, persecution, and turbulence from within and without, as well as hypocrisy and perversion even at the highest levels. Our Holy Father has been surrounded by wolves and jackals in the Vatican as well as by a number of evil priests and bishops from near and far. Many Catholics have apparently given their souls to Satan because of their sins of heresy, apostasy, and perversion. Good people suffer from severe despair, frustration, anger, and anxiety; even from fear of an unknown future. A perverted, morally sick, and degenerate culture has permeated our society with little positive reaction from parents, lawmakers and clergy alike. We allow a curriculum of abortion and homosexuality to be taught in many of our schools thereby contributing to the loss of our children’s souls and their self-respect.

Our nation, once an example for all to emulate and the most God blessed nation of earth, has become an object of derision. We murder our own children at an approximate rate of 168 per hour, every hour of every day. Some of us even elect representatives who sponsor, promote, legislate, and have incomes from the crime of abortion and related activities. Guilt by association has never been so true! Our Supreme Court, supposedly composed of very knowledgeable, educated, righteous, God fearing people collectively decided that abortion is not a crime. Our Senate collectively decided that infamous partial-birth abortions are not crimes; that they constitute a woman’s right. Don’t kid yourselves; it is done for money for legislators and doctors. God condemns such actions as the deliberate crime of MURDER. The men and women of the Supreme Court and many of our legislators are not righteous, as they would like the world to believe. However, they are very astute in looking after their own interests.

I firmly believe that there is only one answer! We have come to this point in our nation’s history because we have turned away from our God; Creator and Redeemer. Americans turned back to God after the 9-11 tragedy. They turned to their churches and they prayed earnestly. They bonded closely with family, friend, and neighbor. Crime dropped considerably and Americans were scared because they came face to face with their vulnerability and their mortality. However, that terrible event has passed into history and our citizens have returned to their pre 9-11 lifestyles. Even most churches and pastors have become lax once again. Prayers for our military men and women who are in harm’s way have become the activity of loved ones and close friends.

I realize that I may tread on some toes by writing this article; however, I believe that we should all want change which can only be obtained through prayer from the heart and sincere Catholic action. The corporal works of mercy are fine and necessary but I believe that we must concentrate on the spiritual works of mercy. Our priests and bishops are duty-bound to guide us in saving our souls and aid us in the learning of our Faith; it is a most important task and it is a tough one. Many of them are truly ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A truly holy priest is a treasure indeed. It is our task to take what a priest provides and apply it to our daily life in order to save our own souls and possibly those of others we meet. This is also a tough job, which must be done if we are to gain the prize beyond price.

We Catholics are very fortunate. Our Lord Jesus, on the night before He was crucified, instituted the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist by which we may forever receive His Sacred Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in Holy Communion. Our Savior willingly suffered a most cruel and unjust Passion and Death on the Cross. Through His redemptive act, all mankind received forgiveness for all their sins. However, Jesus went one step further. He gave His Mother to all of us as a source of love and hope.

At this point, I would like to write about our Blessed Mother. Of course, we are all familiar with her many apparitions. This past century has experienced more of her apparitions than all previous centuries combined. From one single person, to as many as tens of thousands of people, at a time have witnessed them. All apparitions had the same basic message for mankind; namely, we must return to prayer, repentance, and reparation for the sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and her Immaculate Heart. She did not soften or ease her requests but spoke as a loving mother. She warned us of a great chastisement and a world full of catastrophe and despair. She warned us long ago to change our lifestyles, but how many of us have ignored her? Just look at our world today! Many thousands witnessed cures and marvels at Fatima that have been subjected to very stringent analysis to verify their miraculous nature. In addition, the three shepherds were subjected to much interrogation and threats by ecclesiastical authorities.

Let’s write a bit about the past century and a world in crisis. The early part of this century showed that the human society was really progressing. There was an undeniable progress in almost every endeavor with unprecedented economic prosperity. Social life was easy and attractive with mankind heading for a ‘golden age’. On the other hand there was much misery, both material and moral. Materialism was advancing and most people hoped and even believed that science and progress would put an end to all problems. However, World War l came along and destroyed many expectations. After the war, difficulties kept increasing until 1939, when World War ll broke out. This calamity raged for approximately six years and witnessed the use of terrible weapons of destruction. There has been no peace since the end of that war. Crisis after crisis has beset every nation. Every nation is upset by internal strife, disorder, unrestrained sin and ambition, destruction of moral, civil, and social values, and in some cases, a state of anarchy exists. There has been no one to come forth to offer a remedy for this morbid condition. However, our Blessed Mother has continually provided us with the solution. But we think that we are supreme human beings who are sufficient onto ourselves. We do not need God’s help…..or do we?

The world war of 1914-18 seemed to the people of that generation to be an unsurpassable tragedy. However, the one of 1939-45 exceeded it in length, despair, tragedy, death toll, and the widespread ruin it left behind. It has even brought us within steps of a new war, which will be tremendously worse from every point of view. Mankind has lived the past few decades in terror that a third world conflict may bring with it the end of our civilization. Our Blessed Mother has offered mankind the only solution. How have we responded?

Mary appeared in six apparitions at Fatima; in each, the sins of humanity were mentioned. We were told that “they have become an unbearable weight in the scale of divine justice an are the ultimate cause of contemporary misery and disorder. Sins call down the just wrath of God, and because of them the most terrible chastisements threaten humanity”. Mankind must convert if punishment is to be averted. For men to convert, the good must pray ardently for sinners and offer God many expiatory sacrifices”. Our heavenly Mother’s message is so clear; how can we not understand it?

This article was written to stir some thought, conversation, and action. Speak to your pastor about more Marian devotions in your church. Have them at home with your family. When you have a truly holy priest, you are blessed. If you have a Marian priest you are twice blessed.

Pray for your priest everyday.

John Burke





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