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Letter to the Editor
RE: The Saga of Rev. Everett Francis Briggs


Dear Father Briggs,

I am writing to you in response to your interest in the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) and the Face the Truth Tour. I understand from Jim Fritz that you saw the picture taken of me at the Holocaust Museum by Ruby Nicdoa, holding a picture of a 10 week aborted baby. The picture reminds me of the Chinese saying of how a picture is worth a thousand words.  Nothing needs to be added.

And of course, that is why I and our organization, WAKEUP, are very involved in both activities, GAP and the Face the Truth Tour.  The Face the Truth Tour has been in the area for five years.  Every summer for five days going to three locations a day making a total of fifteen stops the Face the Truth Tour brings the hard truth to the highways and the bi-ways.  From early morning to lunch time and then later in the day the core group unloads the big truck and individuals are strategically place at the busiest intersections in town to bring attention  to what abortion really looks like.  Silently praying the rosary we encounter honking for life, cursing and fingers "pointing to heaven".  We distribute thousands of pamphlets explaining why we must be there. 

One thing is for sure, we do enlighten the minds of many.  Those images are burned into their brains and when their eyes are closed they will again see what we are showing.  The GAP, or what is known as The Genocide Awareness Project, was brought to downtown Washington for 20 consecutive weeks.  The GAP is an exhibit of 20 banners on frames that are 11 feet by 6 feet.  When put together they are an awesome pictorial of what genocide is.  The Nazi extermination of Jews and the lynching of blacks are part of the exhibit.

We set up in Dupont Circle, Farragut Square or the National Mall and are guaranteed to grab the attention of people walking by.  We have found the best approach is to allow uninterrupted viewing of the banners - giving plenty of time for the well-thought through exhibit to do its work.  That is, to soften the hearts and minds of man. 

Recently, the GAP has been on the campuses of Towson University and University of Maryland with great success and of course with great contention.  It goes with the territory.  We expect it and we are pleased when it leads to eye opening dialog.  There is something for all to learn.

I would think as a priest you would be especially instrumental in moving this information along in a respectful way.  We see a difference at the abortuaries when a priest is there so I am sure your being with either GAP or the Face the Truth Tour would lead to a lot of more openness.  Your collar is so powerful.

God bless you for your interest and please feel free to contact me with any questions.  DEFEND LIFE sponsors both events and if you go to their website- defendlife.org and look for WARRIORS FOR LIFE it will show you all 20 of the banners.  There are also pictures of the Face the Truth Tours.

Save the babies!

Missy Smith, President

(Women Against the Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons) 




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