September 11, 2001

Recently, our entire nation was immensely shocked on September 11, 2001, when we were informed of the evil that had struck us. We became more aware, with each passing hour, of an ever increasing number of dead, injured and missing victims of terrorism in our nation. Through it all it appeared that we Americans had finally found a unifying cause after years of divisiveness under a morally corrupt political administration. The national media’s message became saturated with the notion that we Americans were turning ‘en masse’ to attend religious services at ‘houses of worship’ throughout the nation. Religious leaders were remarking that attendance was up anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. People were asking why or how anything like this could happen in the United States. Talk about being complacent in the middle of warnings and signs all around us! Our Blessed Mother has been calling us to prayer, repentance, and reparation for the sins committed by all against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and her own Immaculate Heart. It is important to note that her words are meant for all mankind; not just for Catholics. Nevertheless, we as a nation, and particularly in the voting booth, continue in pursuit of a liberal, hedonistic, and modernist lifestyle.

During the last few weeks we have heard little from those who would remove prayer from schools and public assemblies, ridicule the name of Jesus, or otherwise destroy or circumvent the just laws and Constitution of our nation. The ACLU was almost silent while the liberals and the modernists were jumping on the patriotic bandwagon. Even the pseudo-Catholics in our Congress have been extolling the virtues of patriotism and prayer. Only a token few individuals in our land touched on the real problems in our society and government and some of these few recanted, under pressure, their very valid observations.

We are now asking God for His intervention and help; we are asking for His protection. It seems to me that before we ask for God’s protection we must be truly contrite for the many crimes in which we are in any way complicit, either actively or passively, and beg for His forgiveness and His mercy. Only then will He provide us with His protection and the graces necessary for our salvation and the integrity of our nation.

Let us start with the crime of murder; more specifically, deliberate abortion by any means. We are now crying out to God because of those we lost who were torn asunder, killed, maimed, and injured on September 11, 2001. We question how any group could commit such a terrible crime and rightly so. However, we as a nation, deliberately murder one person every twenty-four seconds; in excess of 1,300,000 each year. Note that our Supreme Court has stated that this in not a crime. How can those who are so educated be as ignorant as a can of dirt? Our country, under the leadership of our recent ‘abortion President’ endorsed, paid for, and helped to promote this killing industry through the auspices of the UN and in many countries around the world. These people we kill are helpless and innocent in every conceivable way; supposedly safe in their mother’s womb. We tear them apart, throw them in the trash, and even sell their body parts. Also, we have repeatedly elected our so-called leaders (politicians) who formulate, legislate and strengthen laws that encourage and spread the ‘murder of these Innocents.’

We are also working feverishly to spread this spiritual, mental, and physical degradation to the other end of life’s spectrum. Namely, we are trying to establish as legal, the crime of murder by wanton euthanasia of the elderly, the infirm, and the handicapped. How can we ask our God to protect our lives when we ourselves spill so much innocent blood? We must sincerely pray that this terrible murder and destruction of our nation’s future does not return to haunt us. Our president, George W. Bush, recently stated in his remarks at a Department of Defense memorial service that, “Unlike our enemies, we value every life and mourn every loss! “ This should include life from the moment of conception until the time of natural death. Those who disagree with the teaching of the Catholic Church on this subject are not Catholics.

John Burke



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