How Planned Parenthood’s Teen Sex Education
Uses Tax Dollars to Attack Parental Rights

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) will this year receive $50-$60 million in Title X funding for population control. The Title X program includes funding for contraceptive birth control; birth control which causes chemical abortions; and birth control for unmarried adolescents, with or without the knowledge and consent of their parents.

PPFA has long been the primary resource for sex education in the public schools of America. Additionally, they have developed comprehensive and well-organized outreach programs for the teen population. Their representatives speak to health and “family life” classes in schools, and their trained (indoctrinated) “peer counselors” or “youth development team” offer non-judgmental advice and counsel to confused teens as an alternative to unwanted parental involvement. In schools and in their clinics, a myriad of books and pamphlets are distributed which teach teens to practice “safe sex,” (the ultimate good), which is attained through the use of condoms or other birth control devices to reduce the chances of getting pregnant or contracting a venereal disease.

Seldom in their literature does PPFA suggest that abstinence from sexual activity is possible or even desirable for youngsters. Rather, the premise is that humans of all ages are sexual beings with uncontrollable urges who must be free to accommodate any and all sexual inclinations as long as the sexual expression is consensual, pleasurable, and precautions are taken to ensure “safety.”

Supposedly, the original purpose of public school sex education was to reduce sexual activity among teens. This rationale has been largely abandoned as statistics including those of the Guttmacher Institute (PPFA’s statistics-gathering entity) indicate the opposite has occurred. Among sexually-active juveniles who have participated in a Planned Parenthood-approved comprehensive sex education course, it is true a majority report use of some form of birth control; however, the overall number of teens who admit to sexual activity is increasing. As noted in
Pregnant, website of Ohio Right to Life, what teens gave up was not “unsafe sex,” but sexual abstinence. The result is more immoral behavior and more teen pregnancy and venereal disease.

Keeping up with technology, PPFA moved quickly to create websites targeting a young audience. The freedom from censorship offered by the internet emboldened PPFA’s so-called educators to move beyond explanations of human reproduction, sexual development and methods of avoiding pregnancy or venereal disease through contraceptives and abortion. advertises, “Sexuality and relationship info you can trust from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America.” Sexuality in every imaginable manifestation is described, and the only admonishment to readers is to make “responsible choices.” Masturbation is touted as normal and healthy and not to be discouraged, even for the pre-school child. Alleged first-person accounts proclaim, “Being Gay is Just Part of Who I Am,” and “Having an abortion saved my life.” An essay, “Porn vs. Reality” offers to satisfy teenage curiosity after saying about pornography, “’s illegal in the U.S. for anyone under the age of 18. However, not everyone follows the rules, and you may run across some before you turn 18.” After exploring the who (views it); what (constitutes porn); where (to find it); and why (people watch it), the author invites readers to check out a link to “Scarleteen – Sex Education for the Real World.” Founded by lesbian pornographer Heather Corinna, Scarleteen features among other things a shop where young viewers may purchase pornography or sex toys from Toys in Babeland with no questions asked.

Masquerading as every teen’s ideal mother/best friend/confidante, offers a web page of advice on how to “Be Prepared for the Prom.” After discussing the pros and cons of having sex on prom night, the writer cautions, “But if there’s a possibility that prom night might be the night, think about what you need to make your prom perfect. If the only item on your list is breath spray, here are some other suggestions for how to be prepared. . .latex or female condoms should definitely be on your accessory list! And fortunately, they fit easily in an evening bag or wallet, and there is no age requirement for buying them.

“In fact, to help teens stay safer at prom, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/South Dakota gave high school students ‘prom survival kits’ containing breath mints, confetti, condoms, and a $10 coupon for contraceptive services. ‘We just wanted to make it a little bit easier for sexually active teens to practice safer sex,’ explained education director Katherine Meerse.”

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has been a leader in encouraging teens to partake in the Joy of Sex. Their 1991 publication, ”The Great Orgasm Robbery”, tells youngsters, “Sex is fun, and joyful, and courting is fun, and joyful, and it comes in all types of styles, all of which are OK. Do what gives pleasure and ask for what gives pleasure. Don’t rob yourself of joy by focusing on old-fashioned ideas about what’s ‘normal’ or ‘nice.’ Just communicate and enjoy.”

Rocky Mountain PP’s teen education developed the “Dollar-A-Day” program to help at-risk teen girls avoid unintended pregnancy “by empowering them to take personal responsibility in their intimate relations and providing an atmosphere of peer support.” One of the components of the 34-week program is “the mentor relationship created between the program participants and adult facilitators. Adult mentors support program participants by providing honest, accurate education and acting as a trusted confidant who cares about their futures.” Thus does Planned Parenthood usurp the rightful role of parents as guardians, mentors and custodians of the sex education of their children, emphasizing self-control and taught within the context of a strong moral foundation. The supporting roles of clergy, doctors, teachers and other family members in the formation of healthy attitudes and ethical codes of behavior are likewise supplanted by a ‘trusted confidant” with no moral compass who sees teenagers as sexual animals who must be free to make “responsible choices” regarding the use or abuse of their bodies, and on no account be denied free expression of their sexuality. And when contraception fails – when an unwanted pregnancy is the result of this free expression – Planned Parenthood is there to help. Step right up for your free pregnancy test followed by a “safe, quick” abortion. advises, “The right to choose is a right that is only 32 years old! It has literally saved thousands of lives since then.” Whose lives? Certainly not the millions of babies whose rights were taken away by Roe v. Wade.

PPFA is America’s leading abortion provider. Funded heavily by the federal government but forbidden by law from using these funds for abortion or abortion counseling, Planned Parenthood is also the recipient of millions of dollars in donations from individuals. Major corporations and highly-esteemed foundations (see for a listing of PPFA donors These donations have built abortion facilities in every major city and many smaller ones in nearly every state.

What does PPFA say about abortion? After describing the various methods of abortion in their Q&A web page “What if I’m Pregnant?”, the writer discusses the annoying possibility that in some states the teen mother-to-be may be required to obtain the permission of her parents before seeking an abortion. Not to worry, however. If this is likely to cause difficulty, it may be possible to bypass the parents in favor of an appearance before a judge who must only be convinced of the teen’s maturity. Should the young woman need reassurance of her maturity as evidenced by her reasoned decision to abort, she is told, “Serious, long-term emotional problems after abortion are rare. They are more likely after childbirth. Most women feel relieved. Some women experience anger, regret, guilt or sadness for a short time. Sudden hormonal changes may intensify these feelings.” No, it’s not her conscience speaking – after all, this is the age of enlightenment.

In its insidious encroachment on parental rights, PPFA has launched a vicious campaign against religion, family values, traditional morality and above all, has attempted to destroy the natural love, trust and respect of children for their parents and replace it with the doctrine of moral relativism which recognizes no higher good, honors no absolute truths and espouses a self-centered glorification of sexuality. Founded upon a misguided desire to aid the poor and improve the human race, it has brought about more death than any war and caused more spiritual impoverishment and despair than we will ever know.

Mary Solsbak



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