The Saga of Rev. Everett Francis Briggs

Father Briggs, who we have written about in previous issues of The Defender, has contacted us recently about his problems negotiating with a sign company to put up another one of his famous billboards.  I say famous, as one of his most recent billboards caused quite a stir over the Internet.  Those who preach tolerance were not so tolerant of his billboard and threatened to burn it down and do him bodily injury.  Now the advertising companies are refusing to put up his newest billboard. The following is his most recent letter to us:

Dear Mr. Fritz, I wish to compliment your magazine, The Defender, for its bravery in defending the ‘Faith of our Fathers’ in this once fair land which some 35 of my ancestors defended in the Revolutionary War.

It was from your forthright magazine that I learned the cruel fate of Mrs. Jiang, the young Christian mother in Communist China (murdered for passing out Bibles).  Two outdoor advertising companies refused to publish my indignant protest, herein enclosed.

One company said it was too ‘negative’ in answer to protest alleged against an earlier bulletin of mine which excoriated activities deemed by me to be surreptitious.

The other company followed suit. Perhaps it also feared offending Chinese students in Morgantown,(West Virginia).

It comes down to this: If a gaggle of goons in China can beat an innocent person (to death), don’t dare defend the abused.  You have no right to free speech, they have it all.

When they are tearing our Constitution to pieces to bolster their intrigue, using separation of Church and State for their slogan, I for one, dislike their bogus affirmations, daring to so if this is still the ‘Land of the Free’. (signed) Fr. Everett F. Briggs.

Let us pray Google will find this and put it on the Internet.


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