The Scandal Caused by Our Bishops
(They still don’t get it)


After sorting through hundreds of articles on the ‘Scandal’ I have come to the conclusion that the bishops, who are the real criminals in this scandal, still don’t get it or they don’t want to get it.

As pointed out in many articles, the pedophilia problem in the Church is probably not any worse than in any other clergical/professional group if we look strictly at percentage figures.  Obviously it is extremely evil regardless of the percentage.  Another terrible crime is the despicable act of covering up the perverted acts of the clergy and allowing them to continue.  It seems obvious that some Church shepherds relied too heavily on the counsel of others.  Lawyers are often more concerned with damage control than with removing the cause of the damage.  Psychiatrists often overestimate their ability to “cure” sex abusers.  However, the bishops are still the ones responsible for the care of their flock.

The actions of Cardinal Law have caused immeasurable suffering to what has become an increasing number of abused children. This has demoralized and degraded good and faithful priests, turned seminarians away from vocations, and caused pain to all faithful Catholics.  He still refuses to give up his precious red hat.

Cardinal Egan does not even admit he made errors although he is also guilty of criminal mismanagement.  Cardinal Mahoney lied about his cover-ups until evidence proved otherwise.  Archbishop Weakland had the audacity to blame the victims.  Now his own homosexual acts have been uncovered.  The revelations go on, and on, and on, ad nauseum.  Certainly if you look at the percentage of bishops that have committed and caused grave sin, you will have to agree with Saint John Chrysostom’s who said the streets of Hell will be paved with the skulls of bishops.

After the cardinal’s meeting in the Vatican library with Pope John Paul ll, the cardinals all agreed that at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in June they will undoubtedly adopt a zero tolerance policy.  It is truly sad they had to go to the Vatican and hear it again from the Pope that they must act on this.  Those streets of Hell are going to have some thick skulls for its inhabitants to tread upon.

Something that the bishops still don’t apparently understand as yet is that a large majority of clergy sex-abuse cases involve male, teen-age minors.  This is not pedophilia.  This is homosexuality.  Some Church scholars have been pointing out for over 40 years that certain seminaries and sectors of the Church have been adopting the general secular culture’s morality of sexual permissiveness.  Some who entered the priesthood during this time had no intention of living up to the Church’s teaching or were unfit to do so.  Homosexual men saw an easy access to boys and young men.  Those in authority who had the responsibility to maintain the integrity of the Church’s ministry failed to deal with this.  More skulls for the streets of Hell!  They were either homosexual themselves or were taken in by the secular propaganda that there was nothing wrong with homosexuals and they should be treated like any other male desiring to be a seminarian.  Why is it so difficult for these bishops to figure out that it is wrong to ordain men who have a sexual disorder in an all-male organization committed to celibacy and chastity?  The Boy Scouts have it right.  They do not want men who are sexually attracted to males to be in unsupervised situations with their young sons. The bishops need to realize that homosexuals are many, many times more predatory than a heterosexual (as evidenced by the scandal) and are not fit to enter the seminary or continue in the clergy unless cured of their sexual disorder.

So what is the USCCB going to propose other than to do what the media has forced them into doing?  The media (due to its own makeup) doesn’t want a crackdown on homosexuals; therefore, little will be said about this in the press.  Many letters and articles have been written to these prelates over the past 40 years documenting these concerns.  Personal appeals have been frequently met with indifference and even hostility.  A Catholic priest, Enrique Rueda wrote a 680 page book, in 1982, on The Homosexual Network.  Over 400 copies were hand delivered to officials in the Vatican.  Michael S. Rose’s Goodby! Good Men has just been published and copies have been distributed to all members of the USCCB.  It tells how Catholic seminaries have turned away two generations of vocations from the priesthood.  He documents seminaries in this country that are notorious for their preference for sexual perverts.

Even though the Church teaches that pedophilia and homosexuality are extreme forms of sexual perversion and they constitute a psychological disorder of the first class, our shepherds are so afraid of offending a powerful lobby they cannot do anything unless forced into it.  Our bishops need to get some backbone and have some concern for the souls of the victims and the perpetrators as well their own souls.  They need to take action to prevent homosexuals and pedophiles from becoming priests, not institute some action that will occur only after an abuser has molested one or more children.

We need to pray for our bishops.  Some have turned a priestly fraternity into a group of self-serving elites causing victimization of children, wreckage to our Church, demoralization of our good priests, reduction in numbers of seminarians, doubt in our faith, and unknown other sins.  We need to pray that they will be honest with the faithful Catholics.  We need to pray they will have the moral courage to do what is right.  Then we need to get off of our knees and do something.  We need to continue writing to all of our bishops.  We need to encourage those that know of perverted acts by clergy to take legal action.  We need to write letters to the editors of many newspapers.  We need to take action.  A list of cardinals and their fax numbers will be provided at the end of this newsletter.  Use it and use it again and again.  Write of email us for examples of what might be sent in to these bishops.

Jim Fritz



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