The Truth about Dialogue
Gabriel Garnica

            When I read about Portland’s Bishop Richard Malone’s comments over the past few years promoting his position that pro-abortion lawmakers be allowed to receive Communion, participate in church events, and speak at church functions, I almost became physically sick.  I knew the only antidote to my impending illness was to write about this vile and despicable situation.

Five Kinds of Clerics Now
            All evidence indicates there are clearly five kinds of clerics now in the Catholic Church in this country. 
            First, are the few good clerics, true to the teachings of the Church, who have the courage, conviction, and sense of duty to denounce abortion for what it is and point out what is obvious to any poor soul who ever passed a Catholic Church: namely, that no person who calls himself or herself Catholic could ever in any way justify, condone, accept, tolerate, support, defend, or promote the murder of the unborn.  Anyone guilty of any of these sins who dares to claim to be Catholic is a fraud and a walking defamation of Catholicism.
            Second are the clerics who don’t wish to rock the money boat coming their way.  If their parishioners happen to be wealthy and often drop large sums in the basket, these clerics remain silent and fail to confront sinful behaviors in these same parishioners.  In essence, these people are selling out the Faith for dollars, then try to justify this by pointing to all the causes those dollars support such as soup kitchens, parish centers, clothing drives, and, oh yes, defending a few child-molesting priests and if any is left, perhaps a Catholic school or two.  Out of charity, I did not mention any money which might slip under the table to the cleric himself.
            The third kind of cleric is simply a coward too afraid to stand up and defend the Faith.  This so-called church leader is no more fit to lead the faithful than am I, with severe vertigo, to climb a mountain. Clerics lacking the intestinal fortitude and strength of conviction to stand their ground usually hide their cowardice under the guise of “discussion” and “dialogue.” No! You might as well say cojones!
            The fourth kind of cleric is simply confused and ignorant.  Easily swayed by modernist, feminist, sodomite, and other distortions of true Church teaching, these fools fancy themselves enlightened and progressive pioneers who see the light leading the way out of present Church struggles.  More often than not that light leads to compromise and further confusion masquerading as innovation and tolerance.  That is a ridiculous statement.
            The fifth and last kind of cleric may be the worst of all.  Not troubled by a lack of courage or tempted by silver and gold; not diminished by sheer cowardice or profound stupidity, this last group actually believes, accepts, tolerates -- even supports -- the Party of Death and its platform. Although they may benefit from the party indirectly in terms of money and power, they are simply hardcore Democrats wearing priestly garb.  They will never challenge the anti-life planks in the Democratic party. These people pretend to discuss issues with nominally Catholic lawmakers, but they support the election of avowed pro-abortion democrats John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi.
The Dialogue Trash
            Bishop Malone of Portland defends his stance toward pro-abortion lawmakers by declaring they have not been excommunicated and, “We need to engage these people in dialogue” based on the fact that, “A whole lot of our Catholic brothers and sisters are not with us on this thing.”  I have a few questions for Bishop Malone and his ilk. 
            First, what will this dialogue do?  Will these pro-abortion people suddenly see the light, listen to their long-ignored consciences and change their stance?
            Second, what is to debate about murdering the unborn?  Anyone who cannot or will not accept that abortion is premeditated murder but instead believes abortion is acceptable and justified in our society offers no premise for debate.  When no common ground can be achieved through debate, it is fruitless.  One may as well debate the existence of God with an atheist. 
            Third, why does the fact that many Catholics do not oppose mass murder of the unborn come into play here?  Did Christ poll the crowd before he taught? Did Our Lord ask for a show of hands during The Beatitudes?  Polls and numbers only have meaning to cowards and money-hungry frauds for whom popularity and financial support mean everything. 
            Fourth, why do some refuse to call abortion what it really is, which is murder of the unborn?  What is this “pro-choice” trash sold by Democrats?  When we have a supposed Church leader using despicable euphemisms we are in real trouble. 
            Fifth, since when does being a Catholic mean reaching out to everyone, no matter what?  This is the kind of vile trash sold by the devil who promotes acceptance of sin and perversion as tolerance and charity.  Yes, the Good Samaritan should help even the child molester and murderer injured by the side of the road, but doing so does not mean said Samaritan should then advocate child molestation or murder or wink at the one he is helping and say, “Do what pleases you -- I accept you as you are!”
            Simply put, this dialogue trash is simply an excuse to accept, condone, justify and legitimize evil and avoid confronting and repelling it. Please reserve dialogue for gray areas of our Church doctrine and please do not mock that doctrine by injecting dialogue where it is not needed or helpful.  Debate or dialogue about reconciling such things as abortion and sodomy with true Catholic doctrine is like debate or dialogue about whether or not the moon comes out at night -- a lot of talk about something anyone can deduce for himself.  Unequivocally, abortion and sodomy do not mix with true Catholic teaching and doctrine.

            Everything I needed to know about dealing with contradictions with true Catholic doctrine I learned at my mother’s knee.  Anyone who pretends that murdering the unborn or homosexual marriage are acceptable under true Catholic doctrine is a stranger to Christ, and all the benefits and supposed positives they claim through dialogue are merely false gifts meant to sway and confuse the ignorant. Maybe Bishop Malone and others of his persuasion will next tell us crime will be reduced if only we dialogue with murderers, molesters, pimps, drug dealers and rapists.  I suggest Bishop Malone and other so-called Church leaders like him patiently wait for the dialogue they will have with The Lord on Judgment Day.
Gabriel Garnica

Gabriel Garnica writes a column for dailycatholic.org and has given permission to reprint this article.  Defenders of the Faith, Inc. has edited the original article.  You can read some of his other articles by doing an Internet search on his name.  He can be reached at: gbgmyarticles@yahoo.com

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