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Most of us have heard of “Brokeback Mountain,” a movie that glorifies sodomy and adultery while trivializing the pain inflicted upon the innocent family members of those committing the abominations. Apparently the film is well-crafted, with music and scenery utilized to induce the unsuspecting viewer to suspend his/her rational processes and follow the siren call of the gay propagandists. These tactics appear to have succeeded with the individual who reviewed the movie for the USCCB.

Unbelievably, the reviewer waxes lyrical over this tripe, calling it a “serious contemplation on loneliness and connection”. The review does acknowledge “The Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality is unambiguous. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered’ and the inclination itself is “objectively disordered.’ At the same time, homosexually inclined persons ‘must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity’ (#2357 and #2358).” Obviously, he/she is confusing respect of the person with sympathy for their proclivity for destructive sin. He/she goes on to say, “What gives the film its power is the vividness with which it tells the story of an unresolved (albeit objectively immoral) relationship.” Oh, really now! Could you imagine this reviewer gushing over Adolph Hitler’s skill with words? (No one can doubt that Hitler was an eloquent speaker.) Of course not! Moreover, the reviewer wrote, “While the actions taken by Ennis and Jack cannot be endorsed, the universal themes of love and loss ring true.” That is ridiculous! Ennis and Jack displayed absolutely no love in the correct sense of the word. Clearly, they lusted after one another but showed no concern for their own or the other’s immortal soul. Certainly, they showed no love to their families who had first claim on their love.

This reviewer, clearly befuddled by the emotional impact of this film, originally gave the movie an “L” rating (limited adult audience). It wasn’t until several pro-life and pro-family groups criticized the USCCB on their websites that the rating was changed; in other words, the USCCB had to be shamed into issuing an appropriate rating of this sinful propaganda.

Janet Baker

The USCCB and the Death Penalty
Where is their perspective?

At their semi-annual meeting in November 2005, the USCCB focused on the death penalty. Regardless of our varying positions on the death penalty, we can see in the bishops’ inordinate attention to this issue an abysmal lack of perspective. Less than 100 capital criminals are executed each year. That’s less than 2.5% of the number of babies aborted EVERY DAY (based on 4500 abortions/day). Yet at the bishops’ meeting, not one peep was uttered about that horrible atrocity. Closer to home in Maryland, Wesley Baker was executed in early December 2005. An alert went out from the Archdiocese of Washington, urging Catholics to protest this execution, and their webmaster issued a commentary regarding this matter. The Maryland Catholic Conference even held a vigil outside Baker’s prison.

Would that the Archdiocese urge Catholics to be present at each abortion mill at all times when babies are scheduled to be torn asunder!

Janet Baker

Editor’s comment: Nearly one third of the USCCB meeting was consumed over saving the lives of convicted murders. Essentially no time was spent discussing saving lives of the innocent unborn and the elderly. Something is intrinsically wrong here.

Janet Baker lives in Maryland and has her own website: She is very active in the pro-life movement and a real defender of the faith





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