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We received many letters and comments regarding our article ďIs the USCCB an Intrinsic Evil?Ē Here are two of them.

I answered "yes" before even reading the text...

All that Jim delineates (superbly) has been unfolding before our eyes for years, if only we'd been alert. We're at war, yes? This schism was predicted, yes?

What troubles me about the suggestion that we, the people, have to set our bishops and religious straight is that the very agents of these evils (said bishops and religious) KNOW what they're doing: they're neither ignorant nor concerned with being "set straight." Letter after letter attempting to do just this falls on deaf ears -- you can almost hear the mocking laughter behind their collective closed doors.

Please don't misunderstand me - I am not at all suggesting a defeatist attitude. I'm just wondering how we get through to people who don't want to be "gotten through to"?

I do see hope on the horizon, and we must continue to pray and hope and trust. Our Holy Father seems to be addressing the issue of dissenters (particularly in the seminaries) - most encouraging.


Editorís Comment:
Donít give up on writing your bishops and publishing the same.
Jim Fritz

Jim, I like the idea of exposing some of the USCCB's problems but I don't think you begin to get at the root issues - which may or may not demonstrate intrinsic evil. So, while one can argue that the US episcopal structure has tended to favor pro-abortion or pro-homosexual cooperation, I don't think you've proved the structure must necessarily do so - which I think, if it were genuinely an intrinsic evil, it would have to do.

Let me put this another way - if all, or even a majority, of the USCCB bishops were good, solid Catholics, would the USCCB structure be evil? If not, the USCCB isn't intrinsically evil Ė itís accidentally evil. That is, itís evil stems from the evil of various individuals within the structure (the folks at the Dept of Peace and Social Justice, or whatever it's called, for example).

On the other hand, if you could show that these contemporary episcopal structures must, by their very existence, undermine the Church teaching, even if all the bishops within them were exemplar, you'd have a point.

I think, given the good work you've done, the article would be more solid if you changed the title and a few lines in it. Rather than saying the USCCB is an intrinsic evil, you might reshape the argument to emphasize that it has contributed to the collapse of Catholic identity in the US. That's true, you've argued the point persuasively, and it's a serious problem...a true evil, in fact, although not perhaps an intrinsic one.

Hope this helps.
Stephanie Block

Editorís Comment:
I have to agree with Stephanie in the fact the article did not prove the USCCB is an intrinsic evil. But I did not state that it was. I only asked the question. I really do not believe that the USCCB is organized as an intrinsic evil, however it is truly acting as if it were and as Stephanie has stated, ď...it has contributed to the collapse of Catholic identity in the US.Ē Let us pray they will change.
Jim Fritz

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