Voting the Party Line

Our Federal Supreme Court saw fit to legalize the murder of millions of babies a year simply because they had not yet been born. They even went so far as to permit the murder of a partially born baby. This type of killing is known as partial birth abortion, and during this procedure a baby is brought to the point of his final delivery with only the head still in the mother; then its skull is punctured and the brain suctioned out thereby killing the baby.

In 1973 the United States Supreme Court declared null and void the laws of 46 states in the United States which prevented women from killing their unborn babies! The Roe v Wade decision was a black day in the history of this great nation, which was formed to protect the rights of all people! The court pre-empted the right of a state in our country to enact legislation protecting its unborn children, and infringed on the right of states to govern their own destiny.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court declared null and void the law making homosexual activity illegal. The Supreme Court, in this case, again usurped the right of a state government to enact laws for the good of its citizenry.

The morality of our country is in very dire straits and getting worse by the day. President Bush is being stymied in his efforts to appoint judges to Federal positions by an extremely partisan element in our Congress determined to continue their filibuster against all of his potential appointees. They continue to approve only those judges who are in favor of killing babies and outlawing any legislation which might be construed by them as being morally correct.

Let us consider a 60 million voting bloc on Election Day! If 60 million Catholics voting their faith would be joined by like thinking people of other denominations, and deny their vote to any pro-abortion candidate, our Senate and House of Representatives would be pro-life, and our babies would be protected, as they had been protected in the past.

How can this be? Our bishops and priests have to take a visible stand in this fight and inform their congregations that it is against moral law to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. California has a very heavy Latino population, most of whom are Catholic. Roger Cardinal Mahoney has consistently backed pro-choice and pro-abortion candidates for Federal and State offices in California simply because they were in the Democratic Party. He has completely ignored the request of Pope John Paul ll that the ‘right to life’ should be our primary concern when we cast our vote in the booth. The omission on the part of Cardinal Mahoney to relay our Holy Father’s admonition to voters is a major part of California’s reputation for being just about the most pro-abortion state in our land.

Another predominantly Catholic state, Massachusetts, repeatedly re-elects one of the most pro-abortion senators in our congress, as well as lesser officials who are pro-abortion. The pro death activity of this senator, who has a perfect pro-abortion voting record, has never been corrected publicly by his bishop, nor has he ever been publicly admonished that he cannot be pro-abortion and Catholic at the same time.

However, one bishop issued a pastoral letter that said in part: “You cannot vote for a party or candidate that is against the absolute respect owed to human life, from conception to its natural outcome, or for a candidate or party who does not respect the dignity of the human person by promoting or defending prostitution, gay marriages or contraception.” The quote is from Bishop Mario de Gasperin, bishop of Queretaro, Mexico. He has bravely followed the instructions of our Apostolic See in order to protect unborn children in his country. He has also endeavored to provide proper guidance regarding moral law. Church teaching is no different in Mexico than in the United States! Our bishops have to stand up for their faith, just as our 60 million Catholics should make sure their votes are properly cast in November.

The National Council of Catholic Bishops and our past and present Popes have very explicitly warned us that it is wrong to vote the “party line” when the candidate is pro-abortion. Catholics should accept this admonition, and vote for candidates that will protect life from conception to natural end.

Fred Paschall MI



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