What Pax Christi Isn't

Pax Christi presents itself in the guise of Christianity, but I believe it is a false spirituality introduced in a subtle way.

"Pax Christi is not in accord with the Magisterium of the Church, even though it claims to be Catholic. Pax Christi is a leftist, new age, dissident organization that stands for complete pacifism. But the Catholic Church does not hold the pacifist position." state the experts at EWTN.

I believe their pacifism is just the hook for promoting their other liberal goals such as ordination of women and homosexual marriage.

The director for communications for the Catholic League said " The ‘strict pacifism’ that Pax Christi USA espouses is almost immoral because that allows evil. If you were a strict pacifist in World War II, you wouldn't fight Hitler and that allowed him to kill many." The Catechism DOES include conditions for a "just war" because that is included in self defense.

Pax Christi opposes war and violence but downgrades abortion as a matter of individual conscience. As traditional Catholics, we know abortion is violence against the innocent and helpless and the true destroyer of peace.

Pax Christi's ideology seems based on moral relativism. In the new age movement no distinction exists between good and evil, but the Catholic Church teaches us there are non-negotiable sins against God and humanity which include abortion, euthanasia, any scientific research which involves the destruction of a fertilized embryo, and homosexual activity.

The language of Pax Christi is littered with new age jargon, and new age practices such as “walking the labyrinth” and “centering prayer” show more concern about "earthly justice" than virtue. Most people assume centering prayer is compatible with Catholic tradition, but in fact, the techniques of centering prayer are neither Christian nor prayer. Centering prayer differs from Christian prayer in that the intent is to bring the practitioner to the center of his own being. Christian prayer centers upon God in a relational way, as someone apart from oneself. The deception and dangers can be grave.

The Vatican was so concerned about the New Age Movement that in 2003 it released a document entitled, Jesus Christ, The Bearer of the Water of Life. This document warns Catholics about the perilous evils that exist in the modern world of New Age.

From my own experience attending Mass celebrated by a Modernist priest, it seems the liturgy is more about the congregation than about Christ, and many aspects of the liturgy are improvised. I have heard inclusive language and observed odd behavior by the priest such as laughing and winking during the distribution of Communion. I believe these actions are a subtle attempt by the priest to downplay the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the heart and soul of our Faith and to see a priest profane it in this manner is deeply disturbing to me. The modern priest does not appear to have much use for the sacraments, and the liturgy seems more like a party than a Mass.

Catholics United for the Faith (CUF), an association that reflects the true teachings of the Church states, “The ideas associated with the New Age Movement are incompatible with doctrines essential to Christianity. Those who promote doctrines of the New Age Movement root their ideas and practices in the occult, pantheism and many teachings of non-Christian religions.”

The solution: Do not give money to a parish that is not traditional. If you leave a parish because of its heterodoxy, don't slink away, tell the priests and parishioners why you're leaving -- and tell everyone -- especially other Catholics.




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