VOL. 5, NO. 2
March/April 2002

Dear Readers:

Our series on Apologetics continues with a discussion of how to respond when we are approached by Christians carrying Bibles, who ask us if we are 'saved'. Most of them believe that salvation comes by merely accepting Jesus as our Savior, while the Catholic Church teaches that we are also required to perform acts and deeds in order to achieve salvation. We are required to be obedient to Church teaching, perform good works, and put our complete faith in Jesus in order to gain salvation.

In this issue of The Defender, Jim Fritz addresses, in the fifth part of his Hidden Agenda series, more of the problems with which Catholics are plagued. Some 'modernist' priests are trying to make our Holy Mother Church conform to their ideas of what our Church should really be like. Pope St. Pius X warned us of these modernists in 1907, when he wrote his prophetic Encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis. Recent changes to our liturgy, no matter what excuses are presented to qualify them, only reflect the disobedience of certain bishops and priests to the teaching of the Church.

The usual claim is that they are trying to exercise ecumenism in an effort to bring more non-Catholics into the Church. This is a spurious argument to say the least, for common logic would indicate that there is nothing beneficial to us if we change our teaching in order to bring others into our Church. They should be shown the Church exactly as Jesus established it and then urged to join us in worship, which is in complete obedience to the Magisterium.

The current crisis in our Church is discussed in the article titled "Our Suffering Church". This is a difficult time for us, but it definitely is not worthy of surrendering our faith. Our Catholic Church has suffered continually since Jesus established it, and God has always provided for our survival. The many times in the past when the Church has been under severe attack have always produced great Doctors and Fathers of the Church to mend and heal any breaches in the walls, and in the end to make Her stronger than ever.

A lack of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, and a diminished belief on the part of some Catholics that the Holy Eucharist is the actual Body and Blood of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine was made manifest in a recent Church bulletin. Only nine Catholics came to adore Jesus, probably because it was stated in this bulletin that adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is really not important enough to warrant our attendance. This is not the first time Jesus has been betrayed, and it probably won't be the last.

Our usual article on a particular Saint this issue will be a list of priests, sisters, and brothers who have sacrificed their lives for Jesus in martyrdom. They were truly the 'Soldiers of Christ' who died in performance of their duty while serving Jesus. Their reward will be great.

Please pray for our suffering Church and her priests and bishops during this time of crisis. Keep the faith.

Stand and Defend Your Faith!

Fred Paschall

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt
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