VOL. 5, NO. 4
July/August 2002

Dear Readers:

This issue of The Defender contains another nice piece by our ‘man’ in New York City, Juan Rodriguez. He is a talented writer and has the knack of putting everyday things together with a good moral for pleasant reading.

Father Peter West, of Priests for Life, has written an in-depth report on the decay of respect for life in our modern society. He quotes His Holiness, John Paul II, who spoke strongly on the subject when he addressed the people of the United States. In the past, Pope John Paul II has very clearly stated that the protection of the unborn, the elderly, and mentally and physically handicapped people should be uppermost in our consideration of candidates when we vote. He has said that the ‘right to life’ should be our number one criteria when we are in the voting booth. All other issues should be secondary to the ‘life issue’.

In this issue you will see the story of our newest saint in the calendar of saints; St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, 1902-1975. St. Josemaria was the founder of Opus Dei (Work of God), which is devoted to the development of our spiritual lives so as to serve God and our fellow humans. He was a writer of many religious books and pamphlets aimed at assisting us in achieving sanctity.

The Defender is privileged to be one of the charter members of the Catholic Media Coalition, a group of Catholic oriented newsletters from all over the United States. On October 1, 2002 the CMC released an article titled: FOXES GUARDING THE CHICKEN COOP? BISHOP’S SEX ABUSE COMMITTEE IN QUESTION. The news release notes the totally unbelievable choices the USCCB made in selecting some members of the laity to ‘police’ the bishop’s new policy of ‘no tolerance’, relative to the sexual scandals our beloved Holy Mother Church is suffering. It appears to me that the bishops chose only those who dissent from orthodox Magisterial teaching relative to sexual matters.

Our Apologetics series continues with correct Church teaching on Purgatory; what it is, and what we must do in order to gain Heaven. We also explained indulgences. The Church grants us indulgences to shorten, or even remove completely, the length of time spent in Purgatory for ourselves and for our deceased loved ones.

Pope John Paul II has proclaimed five new mysteries for the Rosary. We have a short article on this proclamation and will cover it in depth in a future issue of The Defender.

Fred Paschall

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt
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