VOL. 8, NO. 4
Oct/Dec 2005

Dear Readers:

This issue of The Defender begins with an article on different expressions of prayer as taught by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. One comes closer to God in prayer as the expression of prayer rises from vocal to meditation and finally contemplation. We learn our vocal prayer as a child, but we need help with prayers of meditation. We offer some suggestions. Contemplation is the most difficult expression of prayer to obtain, and some never achieve it; yet the requirements are simple. One does not need to be a theologian; only one who takes the time to be with God. It has been written that Bishop Sheen spent an hour each day in silent meditation in front of the Eucharist. How much time do we spend?

Following this, we have an article titled The Marketing of Evil --Homosexuality. This is a condensation and review of a small part of David Kupelian’s book entitled The Marketing of Evil. We intend to cover more of his book in future issues of The Defender. I think our article will be an eye-opener for all of our readers. Kupelian describes how the homosexual activists conducted a ‘war conference’ in 1988 and published a manual called After the Ball, describing the public relations strategy to ‘Desensitize,’ ‘Jam,’ and ‘Convert’ the American public away from hating homosexuals to loving them.

The recent movie, Brokeback Mountain, is an excellent example of homosexual propaganda and it is reviewed in this issue.

Amarilys Velez is our guest writer with an article, Why Love Mary? She is a member of the Defenders of the Holy Trinity in New York City and of our organization. You will enjoy her viewpoint on the Blessed Virgin.

We have an article on ‘humility’ (author unknown). We can not emphasize enough how important humility is in our lives and especially in our prayers.

We modified the title of our Modern Day Saint page in this issue and called it Modern Day Apparition. This apparition, Our Lady of Akita, is not as well known as Fatima or Lourdes, but just as important. We describe what happened in Akita, Japan, during the years 1973 to 1981. In this case, it was witnessed by hundreds and recorded on film and shown on television. We include Our Lady’s important and timeless messages.

Jim Fritz

CC Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield

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