VOL. 12, NO. 2
Jul - Dec 2009

Dear Readers:

      Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is a little different in that we are not writing about Catholic Doctrine. Our article, Mary’s Sacrament, the Brown Scapular, written by Catherine Marie Rhodes is not a part of the doctrine of the Church; however, it is taught by Catholic clergy as well as the laity. Catherine gives a good history of this sacramental given to us by the Blessed Virgin Mother herself. Unfortunately, the Brown Scapular is ignored by many, but it is gaining more and more acceptance and worn by millions of devoted Catholics. As Pope Pius IX stated, this most extraordinary gift from the Mother of God brings its usefulness to the faithful who wish to follow Mary with a special devotion.

      During the past few months we have had a good share of Catholic heroes beginning with our first ever martyr for the pro-life cause, Jim Pouillon. Jim was senselessly gunned down doing what he has done for over 20 years -- peaceably sharing the pro-life message.

      Thankfully, we have a bishop to whom we can provide a Hero’s Award. Bishop Joseph Martino was forced to retire because of his outspokenness regarding pro-abortion politicians and the homosexualist agenda. This indicates the warfare that a good bishop must go through within the Church to set things aright.

      Two other pro-lifers who have died recently. Robert Schindler, Terri Schiavo's father, passed away at age 72 of a heart failure. Bob Novak, a Catholic convert and a pro-life syndicated columnist and political television analyst, died of a brain tumor at age 78.

      Much ink has been used to cover pro-abortion Senator Kennedy’s death and his deplorable funeral. He and the clergy who participated in his funeral qualify for the Millstone Award with no other contenders. This outrage is conclusive proof of the corruption which pervades the Catholic Church in the United States.

      During the Notre Dame University demonstrations in May, Mr. E. Michael Jones gave a speech “Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?” at one of the rallies. We have included this speech as part of our ongoing description of the sad state of affairs in our “Catholic” Universities. Jones has an excellent background on this subject.

      We have an interesting story to fulfill every sidewalk counselor’s dream of a pregnancy center opening right next door to an abortion clinic. A young couple, Tina and Ray Malone, accomplished this on their own. Please give them some help.

      Another interesting story is about a very good friend, Kathy Tesi, who has made thousands and thousands of rosaries over the past few years and freely given them away to sidewalk counselors, to priests, to our troops, to churches and to anyone who asks for them. God Bless Her! May her story motivate others to do the same.

      Our key article concerns the main issue facing all of us at this time – the health care issue. Our newest writer, Robert J. Schiavoni, does an excellent job explaining how the USCCB fits into this equation in For Whom Does the USCCB Speak in The Health Care Reform Debate? Schiavoni pulls no punches in his detailed account of how the USCCB has supported and even funded this radical reform in our lives. You will not find an exposé like this in any other publication.

      Our Modern Day Saint is Blessed Jeanne Jugan who founded, the Little Sisters of the Poor. Today they have homes for the elderly in 32 North American cities. She had a very interesting life and despite all of her accomplishments remains relatively unknown.

Jim Fritz          .
cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield

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