VOl. 14, NO. 2

                                                                                                            December 2011

Dear Readers:

            YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, written for high-school age and young adults, When YouCat was first published many praised it; however, numerous criticisms were made. One concern was the documentation on creation and biblical accuracy. Well-known and respected authors saw YouCat as contrary to Catholic teaching. Our highly respected local priest insisted these authors were wrong. We asked Patricia Johnson to conduct an analysis and report her findings. She provided an excellent anaysis of church teaching. It is Our Catholic Teaching in this issue, titled Genesis and Creation.

            Homosexual activists use our tolerance for others against us, demanding we accept their lifestyle. We cannot morally do this. I hope our article on homosexuality will make you more aware of the causes and results of this illness.  Accepting their lifestyle not only endangers the homosexuals’ physical and mental health, but also their immortal souls. In some cases it fosters the seduction and/or molestation of children (witness the recent events with a football coach). It also denies homosexuals the joys and saving graces of marriage and the procreation and nurture of children.

            On a more positive side, we include an article about Dick Retta, a hero to many pro-lifers who know him. He lives his faith and is extremely dedicated to sidewalk counseling in front of abortion mills. Dick has documented over 400 saves in the last 10 years. He has had as many as eight saves in one day. You will be inspired by this article.

            In regard to saves from abortion we also have a heartwarming story called “Three Saves in One” which I believe you will enjoy.

            Another article, enjoyable for me to write, is the story of The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help located in a very rural area of Wisconsin. It is the only Marian Apparition site in the U.S. approved by the Church and not until December 8, 2010. It is entirely different from most other Marion shrines as it is in the middle of many acres of unimpressive farmland. However, it has a charm none of the others have. The friendliness of the people at the shrine projects enormous warmth to all visitors.

            Our key article is called “St Antony's Fire: Finding Strength to Face Your Weaknesses” by our writer, Juan Rodriguez, who lives and works in New York. Juan equates the sin of lust to a disease called “St. Antony’s Fire”. He also illustrates how this disease of lust can be cured by following the life and teachings of this saint. St. Antony suffered great hardship from his addiction (lust) yet was able to not only control it but greatly improve his relationship with God and his family and friends.

            Our story of the modern day saints is a little different in this issue. We write of “Mothers Who Gave Their Lives for Their Children.”. There have been at least four mothers during this past year who literally have given their lives for their unborn children. When you hear of this you automatically think of Saint Gianna Beretta, a doctor and devoted Catholic, who died for her baby girl.  We include the stories of two such women who will probably never be canonized, but are truly saints for giving their lives for their unborn. What a story for today’s culture.        

As usual, we have our Hero and Millstone Awards. We applaud Archbishop John Nienstedt of Minnesota for his effort in the protection of marriage and his protection of the Eucharist during an attempt by a group of homosexual activists to desecrate It. The Millstone Award goes to Bishop Zurek of Amarillo who has removed Father Pavone from his pro-life work at Priests for Life and urged his fellow bishops to withhold contributions to this great cause. Please pray for him to meet and reconcile with Father Pavone.


Jim Fritz            .

cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield            

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