Letters to Editor

Dear Editor

Your last issue Jan/May 2008 was amazing.  Every article is a gem.  Patti Maguire Armstrong's article "A Challenging Truth How Birth Control Works" is informative and yet handled with great care. I have read a lot on this subject but never read anything quite as good as this.

The article titled "A Glorious Event" was wonderful too.  The old Latin Mass is "such a sweet mystery"!  I too have been waiting forty years to see and hear the Mass of my childhood.

As a frontline sidewalk counselor myself, who has seen the power of the rosary work day in and day out, I thought Gail Hoffman's article "Praying in Front of an Abortion Mill" was very well done. Such an inspiration!  This article really hits on all the important points.  She left no stone unturned in her reporting.  I have watched with special interest the growth of the prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors in front of the child killers McLeod and Tweatt behind "the door to hell" in Hagerstown in the last two years. So much love and so many lives saved. Both mothers and children. I am so proud of those Warriors for Life!

Jim Fritz's editorial "Quid Quid Recepitur" is amazing and so needed.  I need to remember it every time I am confronted by a stupid or invalid thought, "quid quid recepitur" since I feel I am living in a world that is "bewitched".

And lastly I want to say I was thrilled to see the story about Our Lady of America.  She is the patroness of WAKEUP'S affiliate, CHASTITY PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL - CPI.  I stumbled upon the story of Sister Mary Ephrem and the apparitions of Our Lady to her.  Our Lady of America's promises are giving hope to so many today. She has promised if she is honored at the Shrine she will bring more miracles than at Lourdes and Fatima. Her main message is to return to purity. She recently arrived from Italy and graces the rotunda at the Pope John Paul 11 Cultural Center.  The bishops are going to vote on the date for her to be proceeded into the Shrine across the street this fall.  Pray that this will happen very soon for we need her graces more than every.

I have so enjoyed this particular issue and requested extra copies so I could share them with many.  I have had wonderful responses. Keep up the great work.

Bless you,

Missy Smith
WAKEUP (Women Against the Killing & Exploitation of Unprotected Persons) Washington D.C.  20016


Dear Missy,
Thanks for your wonderful comments and thanks for your great work as president of WAKEUP. For readers looking for more information about WAKEUP check their website www.wakeupnet.net.net
Jim Fritz



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