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Letters to Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Jim,
The latest issue of The Defender referred to the Heroic Act for the souls of Purgatory. I suspect that most readers donít know what this is. Maybe a future issue could explain the Heroic Act. Keep up the good work.
In Christ
Diane and Budne R.

Hello Jim
Thank you for the latest Defender newsletter that I received last week. As usual, it is a treasure and I enjoyed reading it immensely! May God reward your firm dedication.
In Christo et Maria,

     (The article on the Pill) Well written. For me as an audience, it informs and makes complete sense and I shake my head at some of our bishops and want to pray yet harder.
     My sole critique would be a side issue: (and the writer went on covering several alternatives too numerous to mention here and we may make it into a side issue.)
Paul C.

Dear Paul,
     Thanks for your comments. I will keep it in mind for the future. Mainly you emphasized education and evangelizing. We all need to do that, but our clergy either donít understand themselves or are afraid to offend parishioners.
     Witness all of the clergy that rejected Humanae Vita.
     For this issue I have enclosed an alternative to the Pill and that is Natural Family Planning. This would be a good place to start.


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