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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Criticizing the Clergy

Hi Jim, This is well written and your arguments properly defended.  I have been guilty of this belief and am glad to have your insight. You make a lot of sense.  God bless you. Diane

I just finished reading a very similar article in a newsletter called Catholic Truth. They also criticized the publisher of the Pieta Prayer Book. The Catholic Truth indicates how their article regarding criticizing the clergy contradicts both Scripture and Tradition. In fact the Lord himself warned us to be aware of false shepherds. The Catholic Truth recommends an alternative prayer book - How to Pray Always by Fr. Raoul Plus. Fred

St. Catherine of Siena wrote hard hitting letters to the Pope criticizing some clergy. She once wrote, “Uproot in the garden of the Holy Church the evil smelling flowers full of impurity and avarice, swollen with pride: that is the bad priests and rulers who poison and rot that garden.” John



Very interesting article Jim. It is so important to be aware in this day and age, especially for a middle school teacher. Pam



            Thank you for all your hard work Jim! You are Our Lord's and Our Lady's instrument. Jeanne


Letter to Bishop

I actually have two bishops as we support three churches/communities in two states...wonderful people!  In one diocese I kneel, in the other I must bow my head briefly before the priest then prays "Behold the Lamb...." or I feel bowing my head subsequently is inappropriate.  So happy you wrote him ! Thank you, Paul


What we can learn from the Miracle of Fatima

Good message, needs to get out there. Mary

Wonderful article, Jim!  Thank you! Paul

This is excellent...very thorough! Patricia


Social Justice in the Womb versus Social Justice in Charlottesville

Hi Jim, good article.  Interesting comparison, I haven't heard anyone else make that comparison. Mary

VERY good! One baby is worth all the statues, yet I feel bad the statues are lost due to the interference with free speech that is used to remove them...but...what about the babies embarrasses the entire discussion! Paul

Bravo Jim. I am passing this on! Mary

Great discernment and message! Marion

May I have permission to re-produce this article of yours on alt-right racist charges?  It's great. Thanks for using your good writing talents to protect the babies. Camille

Liberals are getting crazier every day! Anon.


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