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Letters to the Editor

Comments on Feminism

I donít have any detailed comments.† But I think feminism went off the tracks in the 60s when they stopped following the natural law by advocating contraception, abortion, divorce, etc. All movements go off the rails when they deviate from the natural law. Nash

Great article, should be great in the Defender. Jack

Great article Jim. My favorite part is on interdependence of men and women.

Men need women and women need men!! Thanks, Pam

††††††††††† Very good!† You may want to check out Feminists for Life for additional information. on the pro-life views of the early feminists/suffragists. Patricia

††††††††††† Your article is good and greatly needed in this crazy world of ours. Margaret

Comments on Criticizing the Clergy

I have mixed feelings on this subject, Jim.† I think both methods work at different times with different people but direct earthly conversations seem to work faster than prayer, for some reason I don't understand.† Direct conversation is risky because rather than making a problem better, it may serve to stir the muck and make things worse. Elaine

††††††††††† Matt 18:15-18 also states if someone sins against you to follow a certain chain of command. It does not limited this correction to just the laity. Logan

I think charitably & truthfully correcting an erring priest falls under the Spiritual Works of Mercy.† It is far too easy for people to be led astray these days.† What could be more important than being faithful to Christ & to His Church?† An erring priest can cause so much damage to souls! I definitely think more people must pray, fast, offer sacrifices & encouragement to our priests...they are under constant attack from Satan!† St. John Chrysostom (among others) is credited with saying something to the effect of, "The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops & priests..."† This thought should give us pause, for sure! Patricia

Dear Jim,†† You know how I feel.† If the priest is doing something wrong and we do not criticize/correct him, we become complicit in his evil. Jack

Your last paragraph is a perfect summary! The laity MUST speak out, in reverence and love. St Paul himself had to rebuke. Maybe if laity had spoken up the horrific abuse scandals would not have occurred? If the bishops and priests do not want the laity to rebuke them, they need to be proactive and correct their brothers first! Catherine of Siena did not hesitate to admonish a Pope!

I think about a year ago an Australian nun was canonized. She had to go to the bishop over an abusive priest. She was excommunicated! But she was eventually proven right. Margaret

Comments on Sensus Fidei

My wife and I ask Our Lord's continued blessing upon you for your sincere and respectful letter in defense of The Real Presence. Please share any response you may receive. / Pat

Well written and important! / Carol

Thank you Mr. Fritz! Well said. / Geary

Jim, Thanks for writing that, I think this conversation is necessary. / Logan††††††††††††††††††††††††††

You're to be commended, Jim.† And a great job! / Paul

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