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Social Justice in the Womb versus Social Justice in Charlottesville

We have been inundated with articles in the press and on TV about the inhumanity of the so called right-wing neo-Nazis, KKK members and others against blacks during the recent violence in Charlottesville. The news media is exploiting this incident and the tragic death of a woman to denigrate those not on the political left. They emphasize the violence began with demonstrations of right-wingers against the removal of a confederate statue. In reality, organizers of the “Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville were racists, but they came to defend a historic monument, not to attack it or anyone else. They had a permit, and included in the assembly was a negligible number of neo-Nazis, pro-Confederates, KKK members. The entire group was composed of only a few hundred people. Compare this to the tens of the thousands who can readily be marshalled by violent groups of the left, and you get an idea of how marginal “white supremacists” are to America’s political and cultural life. Growing up in the 1930s was a different matter. There were more Black lynchings than I care to remember. It is a much better world today than during the Civil War or even a few short years ago. We do not need the Fake News to make it worse.

Omitted from the media coverage were the other forces at work in precipitating the battle of Charlottesville, specifically the two violent left-wing groups, Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  The Charlottesville mayor ordered the police to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, they were told to stand down. The police were not allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first.

What is taking place in the leftist media is an effort to turn the Charlottesville incident into a war on white people and the idea that the world consists of two groups – “people of color” who are guiltless and oppressed, and white people who are guilty and oppressors.

If they really want to stop the so-called ‘White Supremacy’ they should look at the abortion industry which was founded by followers of Margaret Sanger. With leftist protesters demanding the removal of Confederate monuments across the country, a group of conservative Black Pastors are making themselves heard by demanding that a bust of Planned Parenthood founder and abortion and eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger be removed from the Smithsonian in Washington.

“The museum has the Sanger bust in their ‘Struggle for Justice’ exhibit, which is supposed to honor those of the past who were ‘champions of justice.’ The Black Pastors wrote the institute a letter explaining that Sanger was far from a champion for their race because of her strong ties to the eugenics movement. The Black Pastors, along with other pro-life advocates rallied outside the Smithsonian and demanded the removal of the statue. They argue Sanger supported eugenics to rid the nation of those she deemed ”defective” and “feeble-minded” by stopping the growth of their populations, particularly blacks and other minorities.” Her goal was to use abortion to cull what she considered inferior races from the human gene pool. According to Sanger, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” She opened her first abortion clinics in inner cities, and it’s no accident that even today, 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in black or minority neighborhoods.

Officials at the Smithsonian have rejected the request, but the pastors say they will not be dissuaded, saying “Margaret Sanger was a racist who wanted to end the black population through birth control and abortion.”

The evidence is there. 138,539 black babies, nearly one baby in three, were killed in the womb in 2010. Between 2007 and 2010, innocent black babies were the victims in nearly 36 percent of abortion deaths in the United States, though blacks represent only 12.8 percent of the population. In New York City in 2012, more black babies were aborted (31,328) than born (24,758). That’s 55.9 percent of black babies killed before birth. Blacks represented 42.4 percent of all abortions. How many black deaths are attributed to neo-Nazis, KKK, or the alt-right?

Why do we not hear any news about this on our televisions and read about it in the newspapers? The answer is it does not support the biased leftist agenda. Let us pray we will hear more about it not only from the pulpit and the pro-lifers, but from the media.

To expand on this we need to look at the social justice aspects of not just the killing of black babies, but the killing of all unborn babies. Where are the rights of the unborn? The leftist say the babies in the womb are not human until they are born. They tell us the unborn is just a glob of cells. Where does this come from? Our scientists tell us the unborn are human. Ultrasounds tell us. A beating heart at 29 days tells us. Common sense tells us.

It is hard to discern anything else today which diminishes our humanity more than abortion. Getting upset over the toppling of statues hardly makes sense when we ignore a little baby pulled almost all the way out of the womb, having its vital nerves cut, and then watching it die.

We need to return this nation to its Christian roots. We need to ignore the leftist and the Fake News.  We need to stand up and be more active for what is right.  We need to stop blaming others and look to what we need to be doing. We need to look to Jesus.

Jim Fritz

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