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Father Weslin was arrested twice at the University of Notre Dame during the 2009 commencement week. He was first arrested as he carried a cross and prayed aloud while walking onto the campus. He was arrested a second time days later while praying the rosary and carrying a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe onto the campus. But Father is a hero not only because of this. He has indeed led a heroic life in the fight for the unborn.

Father Norman Weslin is a missionary priest of the Oblates of Wisdom. He was ordained in 1986.

Prior to ordination, Norman Weslin served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and retired after twenty years of active military service. He was a paratrooper, commander and chief of a war plans division on the General Staff. While in the Army, Norman Weslin married. He and his wife, Mary Lou, adopted two children. He currently has two grandchildren and one great grandchild. Upon the advent of legalized abortion, Mary Lou and Norman Weslin became involved in pro-life work. Together they prayed and picketed in front of abortion mills and worked hard to save lives of unborn children. Mary Lou became aware of a need for 'Safe Haven' homes for pregnant, unwed mothers in crisis pregnancy.

Mary Lou died in a tragic car accident in 1980, and in her honor her family decided to fulfill her dream of establishing homes for pregnant, unwed mothers all over the country. Norman converted his home to "The Mary Weslin Home for Pregnant, Unwed Mothers." Since then, over 300 mothers have lived in his Homes, many of whom were reconciled with their families before giving birth.

After his wife's death Norman took Holy Orders and became a missionary priest. One of his assignments was working with Mother Teresa in a nine-month learning experience counseling alcoholics and drug addicts in the slums of New York. Father had himself been an alcoholic for twenty years prior to this assignment but he has been recovered for more than thirty years now.

In 1998, Father formed The Lambs of Christ, a team of "non-violent victim souls" working to stop Satan from killing Jesus Christ's babies while they are still helpless in their mothers' wombs. The Lambs of Christ never react to physical provocation. They unite themselves to our Leader, Jesus Christ, in an effort to awaken the conscience of society to the horrors of abortion.

Father has been imprisoned over 60 times as a result of peaceful, non-violent attempts to place his body between the killer and Jesus' babies. His longest stint in jail was over 60 days. He demonstrated some of his skills in passive resistance during his first arrest at Notre Dame, raising concern for his health by onlookers.

Jim Fritz

Note: Parts of this article were taken form the “Lambs of Christ” Website.

Millstone Award - Father John Jenkins

(The Millstone Award is given to those who commit public scandal undermining the Faith.)

A number of individuals were nominated for the Millstone Award during this period; however, we believe Father Jenkins deserves the award above all others – in fact, he is the leading candidate for the award for the year, possibly for this century.

Father Jenkins’ award is not only for his scandalous invitation to the most abominable and extreme pro-abortion U.S. president in history to speak at the Notre Dame University and receive an Honorary Law degree but for other actions as well. Not even the secular University of Arizona was willing to award President Obama with such a degree when he spoke there.

Father Jenkins’ arrogant abuse of his power is unprecedented. He has been chastised by 87 bishops for his actions. Not a single bishop supported him. There were over 360,000 petitions asking him to withdraw his invitation. Hundreds of the alumni have withdrawn million of dollars in support of the college.

He spoke of dialog, yet ignored all request for communications. In the words of Dr. Alan Keyes, “In this he displayed the same obdurate indifference to spiritual considerations that has exemplified his conduct throughout this scandalous affair. He has encouraged a bunker mentality within the University of Notre Dame community, by treating other members of the Body of Christ, even those in communion with the Holy See, as if we are ‘Outsiders’.”

Where is the love toward other believers? He ordered arrests of all those who came to the university witnessing to the truth. Dr. Keyes and Catholic priests were not excepted. They were arrested for praying the rosary on campus. They were arrested for carrying a cross. They were arrested for carrying a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe. They were handcuffed and thrown in jail. Nearly 100 arrests were made, some were arrested more than once. Father Jenkins reacted with arrogance and harshness and is still belligerently refusing to forgive charges even though these charges may prove illegal. He is still refusing dialog.

In his fawning allegiance to a secular leader who has vowed to overturn all restrictions to abortion at any stage of fetal development, Father Jenkins is in open rebellion against Church Law. He has corrupted the faith of thousands of students in his care and betrayed the trust of their parents. By his shameful public act, he has disgraced himself and brought shame to this venerable institution of Catholic learning.

Pray Father Jenkins will return to his vocation as a shepherd of the faithful and not remain a sheep of the secular world as he is now. This will be quite a journey for him, and he will need many prayers.

Jim Fritz

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