VOL. 4, NO. 4
June/July 2001

Dear Fellow Roman Catholics:

Please continue to pray for our newsletter so that we may pass on to you authentic and authoritative teachings of the Magisterium and the Apostolic See.

We have continued our series of articles on the history of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This issue deals with the period from the early Mass up to and including the Mass of Pope St. PiusV, known as the Tridentine Mass.

A short editorial reflects on misinformation that can sometimes be found in parish bulletins. The modern day 'liturgists' gain some perverse pleasure in the denigration of piety shown to the Blessed Sacrament and our Blessed Mother. These include public processions, external signs of devotion, such as novenas and public recitation of the Rosary, and anything else that tells the world that we are Catholic, and proud of it!

We have taken the liberty to include an outstanding article by a guest writer, Tom Fath, on The Negligent Catholic Homilist. His articles have been published in several national publications. You will find his article on lost shepherds extremely interesting.

Our saint in this issue is Saint Gemma Galgani, a little-known woman born in 1878. Her life is a study in piety and determination. She has truly earned her heavenly reward for her loyal observance of Church teaching.

An addendum to the short biography of Saint Gemma, is a very interesting commentary on the Stigmata. The commentary also mentions some other saints who bore the Stigmata of Christ's' passion and death on their bodies. It is a very informative article on one of the little known, and under emphasized facets of our Catholic Faith, of which we should all be aware.

Jim Fritz has written an excellent editorial titled Hidden Agenda. He goes into great depth to inform our readers about the modern day insidious dangers to our Catholic faith. A false sense of ecumenism, which modernists would have us believe was called for by the Second Vatican Council, has caused great harm to our Holy Mother Church. We cannot stand by idly, while our faith is watered down so as to be acceptable to those of other faiths. I might suggest a reading of the first and second Maccabees, where Mattathias knew the dangers of watering down his Jewish Faith in order to be accepted by the northern tribes attacking his country. This led to Judas Maccabeus, the middle son of Mattathias, forming an army. Although greatly outnumbered they successfully defeated the enemies of Israel with the obvious help of God.

We of The Defender do not have a hidden agenda and we will not stand idle while our faith is being besieged on so many fronts. We must identify and expose those who would destroy Catholicism by attacking it from the inside as well as from the outside. Defending the Faith is our agenda! We do not attempt to keep this agenda hidden!

Stand and Defend Your Faith!

Fred Paschall

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt
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