Letters to Editor

Dear Jim,
     Thank you so much for the latest issue of The Defender, with its article by Robert Schiavoni, "For Whom Does the USCCB Speak in the Health Care Reform Debate?" The Defender is an excellent newsletter that I always look forward to reading, but this article by Mr. Schiavoni is a particular gem. I've forwarded it far and wide and see that it is making the Internet rounds.
     Please let Bob Schiavoni know how much I appreciate his article, as I do all of your efforts to defend our Catholic faith via The Defender.
God bless,


Dear Allyson,
     Thanks for the comments. I am sure Bob Schiavoni will be writing more articles and they probably will be on the USCCB.


Dear Defenders:
     Please send me three copies of current issue and renew my subscription. Find enclosed a check for $100 to cover cost. Any balance is a donation to the Defenders.
     As one of the Notre Dame 88 being prosecuted, I would like you to know that Father Corapi was in South Bend and gave a fine Pro-Life address that evening after we were released.
     Your message is strong and replete with facts not found elsewhere.
     Keep up the good work and thanks.

Harry J. Diemert

Dear Harry,
     Thank you very much for your generous contribution.
     I am also one of the Notre Dame 88. I missed Father Corapi as I was over at the local jail bailing out one of us who decided to stay overnight. We had to get her out so we could take her home.
     Pray that Father Jenkins may repent, become a true shepherd of the Church and a good example for Notre Dame.


Dear Sir,
     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I very much enjoy your magazine.
     More power to “The Defenders of The Faith”.
God Bless your good work.
Father Julian M.

Dear Father,      Thank you for your comments. We especially appreciate hearing from our priests. We have some excellent clergy supporting us in our work.



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