Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


            In regard to the article "Millstone Award  -- Bishop Michael Bransfield, (The Defenders of The Faith Newsletter November 2010) here is a remark about Ted Kennedy and his ascension to Heaven.


            In an article by Father Orsi entitled "How the Kennedy’s hijacked the liturgy"

(Homiletic and Pastoral Review, November 2010) comes close in a similar vein to Bishop Bransfield's remarks concerning Senator Byrd.  Father quotes from the funeral Mass for Senator Kennedy. He states that this Kennedy funeral liturgy was used to promote the political agenda of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. The homilist's main theme, "memories and hope," had little to do with any memorial of Christ or hopefulness about the coming of His Kingdom. 


            The Homilist: "We bring with us treasured memories of Ted Kennedy, memories not only of a national leader and a masterful legislator, but of a beloved husband, a great father, a terrific grandfather, sweet uncle, a dear friend, a trusted colleague, a wise mentor. The liturgy of the Mass, its Scripture its music and ritual, are designed to acknowledge these memories... In the text on this day (Mt 25:31-46) our memories and our hope converge, these words of the kingdom were daily concerns of the public life of Teddy Kennedy. They were the fabric of his mind, heart and hands, as he sought to realize them in a society dramatically more complex that the society in which Jesus spoke these words."

            The Homilist's final comments of the virtual proclamation of the senator's sainthood; "Today, at the Holy Eucharist, we pray - we are confident- that Ted Kennedy entered this new dwelling of God."

            The intentions were strictly political in thought, and word:

            Grandson, Max Allen: "For what my grandpa called the 'cause of his life,' as he said so often, in every part of this land, that ever American will have decent quality healthcare, as a fundamental right, and not a privilege....."

            Great-nephew, Jack Schlossberg" "For a new season of hope that my uncle Teddy envisioned, where we rise to our best ideals, close the book on old politics of race and gender, group against group and straight against gay.."

            Niece Robin Lawford: "For my uncle Teddy's call to keep the promise that all men and women who live here, even strangers and newcomers, can rise, no matter what their color, no matter what their place of birth...."


            Father Orsil summons us his article: "To re-establish Christ's will for this Church at these delicate times in the lives of the faithful, we must rein in these customized liturgies and reassert the rubrics which were put in place for a purpose. The Kennedy funeral and others like it are symptomatic with what has gone wrong with the funeral Mass. The Vatican, the bishops and pastors everywhere should take note before the flock dwindles further and a Catholic funeral has no more redemptive value that a testimonial dinner or a campaign speech."


            I ask your readers to pray for the aborted ones, their fathers, mothers and everyone directly/indirectly of the massacre of these babies at the Death Camp in Silver Spring Md.; Death Camp in Rockville, Md.; Death Camp in Gaithersburg , Md. and the newest Death Camp in Germantown, Md.


Prayfully yours in all the rosaries of the world,

Bill L. from Rockville, Md.    

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