VOL. 7, NO. 1
April/May 2004

Dear Readers:

We are very happy to report that our low power FM radio station is on the air, is exceeding all expectations, and is very much appreciated by Catholics and non-Catholics alike here in the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Hancock, Maryland areas. We have included an update from Jim Fritz.

In this issue of The Defender, we continue our teaching series with an article on a very misunderstood topic – Indulgences. Indulgences and related topics such as Purgatory and temporal punishment are explained in detail as well as the purpose of Indulgences. The history of Indulgences and the controversies in previous times are also explained in detail. Many Catholics ignore Indulgences and thereby lose one of the many blessings of being a member of the Catholic Church.

Jim Fritz has written an article on The Dishonest Media citing numerous examples of the outright dishonesty (not just bias) in reporting, and not reporting, the news. He also explains why this is being done, who is doing it, and what you can do to find the truth. We also have a related article on how at least two newspapers published editorials opposing the efforts of public health agencies to educate the public about a public health risk; the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link. They were displeased when the National Cancer Institute briefly informed the public late last year about the existence of research implicating their cherished sacrament - induced abortion - as a risk factor for breast cancer.

The Catholic Media Coalition, of which we here at The Defender are board members, has written a news release in reference to the inability of Cardinal McCarrick of the Washington DC Diocese to effectively deal with the ‘Catholic’ politicians who are staunch pro-abortionists and who continue to sacrilegiously be given and receive the body of Our Lord in Holy Communion.

Following this, we have another news release by the Catholic Media Coalition which is an open letter to the United States Catholic Bishops (USCB) to keep “Touching” programs away from our children. It appears that the USCB want to shift the attention on the sexual abuse problem from homosexual priests to the parents and start another sexual abuse educational program in many of our dioceses.

Our Modern Day Saints in this issue is the story of a very extraordinary priest from the Lackawanna area of New York. He dedicated his priesthood to Our Lady of Victory and helping the poor. Literally millions on people were helped through the efforts of this amazing priest who fed, clothed, and housed the poor during the depression, established schools and orphanages, found homes for unwanted babies, and built a Basilica to Our Lady.

Fred Paschall MI

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt

Catholic Radio Update

We want to keep you informed of the progress Defenders of the Faith, Inc., has made towards the construction of our low power FM broadcasting station in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I am very happy to report that we went on the air on The Epiphany of Our Lord, January 4, 2004. We are providing 24 hours of programming each day, seven days per week from a selection of today’s top Catholic evangelists as well as providing local religious information to our area. Our call letters are WDTF-LP and we are broadcasting at 107.9 FM.
We have received a great deal of assistance from Starboard Network in obtaining a license and establishing a station. They are a non-profit Catholic postulate; organized and run by lay men and women. They own and operate community Catholic radio stations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. In addition to assisting us, they have helped many other Catholic organizations in obtaining a Low Power FM license. Starboard is not an owner or operator of the station nor does it have control of our station’s mission or agenda.
Starboard Network is the first radio network to be approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as a national media outlet. They have chosen to call their programming Relevant RadioTM – a new format of Catholic talk radio designed to bridge the gap between faith and everyday life by providing timely programming relevant to today’s world. Starboard also provides live streaming audio via the web at
www.relevantradio.com so you can get on the Internet and listen to the programming we provide on WDTF-LP.
We start off the day with Morning AirTM Starboard’s flagship show with Jeff Cavins. This program includes a comprehensive lineup of informative, inspirational, and useful information. We present the daily news, weather, and sports, along with useful information and breaking news. Also featured in our programming line-up are popular shows, such as the dynamic “Father Corapi”, "Catholic Answers Live", "The Doctor Is In" hosted by Dr. Ray Guarendi, and "Catholic Radio Weekly", sponsored by the United States Bishops.
We want to thank all of you that have provided the prayers to bring all of the talent together that we needed to get this station on the air. It never would have happened otherwise. We needed radio engineers, tower workers, c-band satellite specialists, software engineers, plus people with management talent to organize it all and put it together in a very short time frame. In addition, we needed the money to buy the equipment in time to meet schedules. Many of you have been most generous even though you do not live in the Berkeley Springs area and are not within range of our low power station. We still need operational funds so your donations are still needed. You have the opportunity to be an evangelist through your contributions to our station, WDTF.

Jim Fritz

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