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Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is on In vitro fertilization (IVF). It is the best article I have ever read on this topic, probably because Patricia Johnson, the author, has such a thorough knowledge and passionate feelings about the subject. The article addresses the immorality of the procedure from the perspective of human lives lost. IVF separates human procreation from the conjugal union between husband and wife. In the process, couples (and doctors in the fertility business) become the masters of human life instead of its stewards. Another sad note is the number of single women and lesbians receiving IVF treatment has tripled in the last five years. Patricia details the procedures of IVF along with the serious consequences of this activity.

We have two articles in this issue regarding what we call “Defenders of the Faith”. The first article is about Father Marcel Guarnizo and how he was “thrown under the bus” by his bishop for his denial of the Eucharist to an avowed lesbian. It appears his bishop caved in to the homosexual movement rather than defend his own priest. The other Defender of the Faith is Bishop Daniel Jenky who gave a homily to a crowd of 500 men that rocked the far left throughout the entire United States. What a homily!


The leading article in this issue concerns the USCCB. We recall a cartoon character called Pogo who became famous for his statement, “We have met the enemy and they are us.” We describe how the bishops after decades of supporting liberal social policies now come face-to-face with the real enemy, the USCCB. During the last election, 54 percent of Catholics voted for Obama. You will learn how the bishops promoted this. We “test flew” this article in advance of this publication and five other editors will publish it before we go to press. A must read!


We have a most heart-warming story on the life of Father Norman Weslin who died recently after some time under medical care. His story reads like a Hollywood movie. He was born 80 years ago in northern Michigan, joined Army Airborne, married his childhood sweetheart, converted to Catholicism, and became a priest after his wife died. He left the military as a Lt. Colonel, spent time with Mother Theresa, then became a true activist in the pro-life movement. He was arrested over 70 times for blockading abortuaries and went to jail for up to 60 days at a time. His most publicized arrest was at Notre Dame University when he, along with hundreds of others, protested the honorary law degree awarded to the most pro-abortion U.S. President in history. Fr. Weslin touched many lives from the famous to the not-so-famous. He brought many people to Christ and spread the joy of his faith to many.


The story of a Modern Day Saint is about Gemma Galgani who was born in1878. Many stories have been written about her. Because of her holiness, Gemma was favored with mystical experiences and special graces throughout her life. Her mother died at an early age and after her father's death, nineteen-year-old Gemma became mother to her seven brothers and sisters. In 1899 Gemma began to receive the marks of the stigmata. At the end of each ecstasy, the stigmata disappeared, and she went about quietly and serenely caring for her family. Gemma often saw her guardian angel with whom she was on familiar terms.


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