VOl. 14, NO. 1

                                                                                                            Vol. 17, NO. 1

                                                                                                            May  2014

Dear Readers:

            Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is from one of our original publications and written by Fred Paschall, the founder of Defenders of the Faith, Inc. over 17 years ago. Fred wrote all of our teaching articles due to his extraordinary knowledge of the faith. This article on Angels, Bells, Candles and Smells will bring back some fond memories of wonderful church.

            Following this, we have an article meant to awaken many of our faith who have accepted abortion as a fact of life and do nothing to stop it, The article compares  Auschwitz with the Abortion Holocaust describing how people during the time of the Nazi concentration camps virtually ignored the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, anti-socials, criminals and prisoners of war who were rounded up, stuffed into railroad cattle cars, sent to Auschwitz and exterminated. Sadly there are more babies exterminated every year in America alone than killed during the entire Nazi regime.

            If you have not heard of a circular firing squad you will learn a great deal about how we Catholics are taking pot shots at our current Pope as well as other Catholics in our article, The Catholic Circular Firing Squad.

            Next we cover the topic of The Real War on Women which describes the harm caused to women by birth control and abortion. The actual harm done by birth control and abortion is described in some detail and contradicts the false information put out by the feminists, progressives and others who wish to ignore the truth.

            Again, from out of the past we have resurrected an old poem, Little One Lost, written by a fellow church member, strongly pro-life, who expressed many of her feelings on paper. We usually pass out this poem at our Pro-Life Booth at the local fairs.

            Following this, we have another poem which is not so serious. In fact, it is a humorous look at the Novus Ordo Mass in comparison to the Traditional Latin Mass.

            I consider the key article in this issue to be a homily by our local priest, Father Leonard Smith, In it he relates the story of St. Scholastica and the Christian love between her and her twin brother, Benedict. Father relates how many of us also share Christian love with our sisters and brothers in Christ and draw strength from one another's faith.

His homily made me think of the camaraderie I have with the others who worked so hard to established the first full-time Catholic radio station in WV; those whom I spend time with doing sidewalk counseling at abortuaries; those other brothers and sisters fighting the pro-life fight; and how I am so blessed to have Jesus to spend time with in Eucharistic Adoration. I am sure it will bring up similar thoughts and memories for you. 

            The story of a Modern Day Saint is the story of Blessed Martyr Bishop Theodore Romzha. He was only 33 years old when he had to face invasion by the Soviet army followed by the persecution of the Greek Catholic Church in Europe. He defended his spiritual flock with great courage and love, even laying down his own life for his sheep. Currently, the Russians  are in a very similar situation in Europe, and it is heartening to see the clergy on the actual front lines standing up to the Russians and again being  defenders of the faith.


J. Fritz


cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield                 


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